#SundayStills ~ Our Feathered Friends #NaturePhotography #Birds

Welcome to the Sunday Stills feature hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt. This week is all about our feathered friends. Time for a preen after being on the lake... Sparrow and dunnock Digitised images of a swan and great spotted woodpecker Juvenile blackbird (I think)  Pheasant and dove I'm not sure what this bird is, some … Continue reading #SundayStills ~ Our Feathered Friends #NaturePhotography #Birds

Sunday Snaps ~ A New Visitor in the Garden #birds #greattit #naturephotography

This cute great tit started his journey to the feeder on the bare braches of the cherry tree... Making his way down the feeding station... Until he landed on the feeder he wanted...then it was heads down and beak in  

#SundayStills ~ Animals with Fur & Feathers #nature #photography #wildlife

Welcome to the Sunday Stills feature hosted by Terry Webster Shrandt. This week's theme is fur and feathers, so here is a gallery of my choices. The man who took us to see the deer was throwing this Sika stag an acorn. Apparently it's one of their favourite treats. And to finish, some of my … Continue reading #SundayStills ~ Animals with Fur & Feathers #nature #photography #wildlife

Life On The River #Nature #Wildlife #Photography

It was very busy on the river this particular day. The tide was in and cormorants were taking advantage of high levels of water. The gulls were squabbling amongst themselves... while swans ignored them and swam serenely by as did the ducks The heron chose to stand aloof on his own little rock

#SundayStills ~ It’s All About The Birds #Nature #Birds

Welcome to the Sunday Stills feature created and hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt  This weeks theme is birds. The poor birds have been having a rough time lately with all the storms. They've been hanging on to the wildly swinging feeders for dear life. I don't know how they actually manage to fly in this weather … Continue reading #SundayStills ~ It’s All About The Birds #Nature #Birds

Starling on Song #Nature #Photography #Birds

This little chap seemed quite happy to pose for the camera while delighting us with his song, as we enjoyed an afternoon cup of coffee on Amble harbour. He was still there when we left. Hopefully someone else got to enjoy watching him.