#ThrowbackThursday ~ Written In Fire ~ the Brilliance Trilogy #3 by Marcus Sakey #AudiobookReview

Written In Fire was released in January 2016 by Brilliance Audio, narrated by Luke Daniels, and is the third of a trilogy.

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Silent Echo ~ the audiobook


  • 51XPDSnjd+L._SL175_Author: J R Rain
  • Performed by Phil Gigante
  • Released December 2013 by Brilliance Audio
  • Category: Crime/Thriller/Suspense three-half-stars

Jimmy Booker is living on borrowed time. An erstwhile private eye, he has lung cancer brought on by Aids. He’s struggling massively with everyday life and has help from Numi, his gay Nigerian friend, who has feelings for him. Jimmy finds Numi’s feeling hard to accept and relate to even though he accepts all the help Numi is willing to give.

An old friend Eddie, who hasn’t been to see Jimmy since he became ill, wants his help in finding his wife, Olivia. Jimmy and Olivia have a platonic history so, of course, Jimmy will do what he can. He’s also in mental turmoil because his brother was murdered when he was a young boy.  Jimmy was supposed to be looking after him and has blamed himself ever since. 

He manages to solve the murders and makes his peace with himself and his mother, who also blamed Jimmy for the murder of her younger son and hadn’t seen him since. He even acknowledges he can feel platonic love for a man.


Phil Gigante does a great job, his voice is perfect for narration. The character portrayals are excellent, dramatic and energetic.


The story is told in the first person from Jimmy’s point of view which is interesting, listening to his internal dialogue. He’s in a horrendously bad place, I get that, I really do and who knows how a person would react in a similar situation. The only gripe I have is the continual repetition of certain feelings and thoughts, mostly about him not being gay and how he’s uncomfortable with Numi’s affection, but if you can get past that it’s a good story even for all the darkness in there. Great (if that’s the appropriate word) ending.

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Brilliance ~ the audiobook


  • 17171440Author: Marcus Sakey
  • Performed by Luke Daniels
  • Released: July 2013 by Brilliance Audio
  • Category: Crime/Thriller/Suspense
  • five-stars

In Wyoming, a little girl reads people’s darkest secrets by the way they fold their arms. In New York, a man sensing patterns in the stock market racks up $300 billion. In Chicago, a woman can go invisible by being where no one is looking. They’re called “brilliants,” and since 1980, one percent of people have been born this way. Nick Cooper is among them; a federal agent, Cooper has gifts rendering him exceptional at hunting terrorists. His latest target may be the most dangerous man alive, a brilliant drenched in blood and intent on provoking civil war. But to catch him, Cooper will have to violate everything he believes in—and betray his own kind.

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Shame ~ the audiobook

  • 15949268Author: Alan Russell
  • Performed by Luke Daniels
  • Released: December 2012 by Brilliance Audio
  • Category: Crime/Thriller/Suspense
  • five-stars

Brutal and unapologetic, Shame draws you into the mind of a serial killer with no chance of escape until the last page is turned.

This is the story of Caleb, the son of a serial killer, and how this fact has affected his life, relationships and ultimately his family, who know nothing about who his father is. 

Gray Parker murdered a number of women before he was caught and executed many years ago.  He always left his ‘signature’ carved into each of the bodies. Continue reading

All That’s Missing ~ the audiobook


When his grandfather’s dementia raises the specter of foster care, Arlo flees to find his only other family member in this genuine, heartening novel. Arlo’s grandfather travels in time. Not literally — he just mixes up the past with the present.

Arlo Sabatini’s parents died when he was two years old so there’s just been himself and his grandfather, Poppo, for as long as Arlo can remember.

Lately though, Poppo has been getting the past mixed up with the present and Arlo has been doing his best to look after him but how long can he carry on without someone finding out. Then Poppo has a stroke and is taken to hospital.  

Arlo is sent to a children’s home when it becomes apparent there’s no-one to look after him. And so Arlo takes matters into his own hands and runs away to his grandmother Ida’s house.  Ida and Poppo haven’t spoken for years and Arlo can’t really remember his grandmother.

Poppo recovers well but decides it’s best for both him and Arlo if he goes into sheltered accommodation and Arlo stays with his grandmother in Edgewater.

While Arlo is trying to come to terms with his mixed emotions about the changes in his life and work out why his grandmother and Poppo have been on bad terms, he and his new friend, Maywood help to solve a decades old mystery.

A very emotional and touching story given a convincingly sensitive and warm delivery by MacLeod Andrews.

This is such a moving and thoughtful story with a lovely main character. I wanted to scoop Arlo up and look after him. It’s also the story of a boy’s determination, strength and love as well as family and trust. Real emotion shone through the writing without it being slushy or soppy.

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