Spell or High Water (Magic 2.0, Book 2)


  • SpellorHighWaterAuthor: Scott Meyer
  • Performed by Luke Daniels
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio
  • Audible Release Date: June 2014
  • Category: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • five-stars

The adventures of an American hacker in Medieval England continue as Martin Banks takes his next step on the journey toward mastering his reality-altering powers and fulfilling his destiny.

A month has passed since Martin helped to defeat the evil programmer Jimmy, and things couldn’t be going better. Except for his love life, that is. Feeling distant and lost, Gwen has journeyed to Atlantis, a tolerant and benevolent kingdom governed by the Sorceresses, and a place known to be a safe haven to all female time-travelers.

Following on from Off To Be The Wizard, this second book in the series takes our protagonists away from their home turf in Leadchurch, Medieval England, to Atlantis in a few hundred years BC,  for a summit of time travellers on the use of magic powers. Very clear and detailed descriptions of Atlantis and the premise was fascinating. The city was created as a refuge and sanctuary for female time travellers as women were not treated well in most historical times. And a very intricate time travelling story line is centred around Brit the Elder and Brit the Younger from Atlantis.

The story carries on seamlessly, Martin is still rather naive and Philip is his usual testy and caustic self. Martin sees this visit to Atlantis as an opportunity to further his cause with Gwen but Martin’s luck in that department has not improved.

Anything in the world of wizards is possible and probable though, and strange and wonderful events occur with regularity. Really good and humorous interaction and drama between the characters. 

The two interwoven storylines, the time travellers in Atlantis and the events unfolding in the ‘real world.’ Agents Miller and Murphy from the US Treasury Department play a big part in the real world scenario and add to the comedic impact of a very enjoyable narrative.

As with the first book, I love the humour and there were lots of laugh out loud moments and witty banter and, as always, Luke Daniels gives his own inimitable and distinctive performance, differentiating between, and individualizing, each character.

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Scott Meyer grew up in the small town of Sunnyside, Washington. He began his career in humor by working as a standup comedian and radio personality, a highlight of which was participating as the opening act in Weird Al Yankovic’s “Running with Scissors” tour. Following a long stint touring the United States and Canada, Scott settled down in Orlando, Florida, where he works on his ongoing comic strip, Basic Instructions. Spell or High Water is his second novel.

Off To Be The Wizard (Magic 2.0, Book 1) ~ The Audiobook


It’s a simple story. Boy finds proof that reality is a computer program. Boy uses program to manipulate time and space. Boy gets in trouble. Boy flees back in time to Medieval England to live as a wizard while he tries to think of a way to fix things. Boy gets in more trouble.

Oh, and boy meets girl at some point.

Off to Be the Wizard is a light, comedic novel about computers, time travel, and human stupidity, written by Scott Meyer, the creator of the internationally known comic strip Basic Instructions.

Magic will be made! Legends will be created! Stew will be eaten!


Martin Banks, a total computer nerd, finds a hidden text file and, as he dives deeper he discovers the world and people are all computer simulated. He realises he can modify the file and change his reality. What he doesn’t realise is he’ll get caught out sooner rather than later. The lure of being able to do, and have, anything he wants is too strong and Martin gets himself into all kinds of trouble and has to execute his escape plan. Having already decided Medieval England is a good option that’s where he finds himself, unaware that many more before him thought the same thing.

Suspend all credibility regarding time travel, teleporting and various other forms of magic, if you have trouble with these concepts, and you have a highly entertaining and fun adventure with amusing dialogue and humorous interactions. The characters are engaging, likeable and, in the main, decent. I did wonder how computers and smart phones would work in those days but then why worry about that small point when there’s so much more incredible stuff going on, just roll with the what ifs.

It was interesting to have some of the fantasy world built around legends and the different slant was cleverly integrated. The story moves quickly and creatively, Martin gets himself into some outrageous and amusing situations and I like how his character develops. The concept of creating a reality is explored with lots of imagination and humour and is refreshingly different.

Luke Daniels really shines voicing off the wall and unusual characters and he has quite a few to play with here. A very enjoyable and impressive listening experience.


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