The Undertaker’s Son

  • The Undertaker's SonAuthor: B A Spicer
  • Kindle Edition: Published by BA Spicer
  • Category: Psychological Thriller
  • three-half-stars

Living the dream. It’s a cliché newly free Martha Burton 
is doing her best to make come true in Charente Maritime, 
where life is good and the sun shines more than in any other part of France. 
But darkness lurks in every paradise. 
Claude Cousteau is an ordinary-looking man of moderate temperament 
and regular habits. Nevertheless, he has set himself a task and nothing 
is going to get in his way.

The story opens with Claude Cousteau reliving a time in his childhood when he was helping his father, who was an undertaker, to dress and prepare bodies for viewing. An unhealthy obsession began to take hold of Claude and he had to satisfy his macabre desire to know how it would feel when a person’s life force was extinguished by his hand.  Continue reading