My Husband’s Son by Deborah O’Connor ~ Psychological #Thriller @deboc77

  • 31328458Author: Deborah O’Connor
  • Published: October 2016 by Twenty 7
  • Category: Psychological Thriller
  • four-stars

You’d always recognise your own son. Wouldn’t you?

Heidi and Jason both have tragedies in their pasts which brought them together. They had been invited to, and subsequently met at, a conference on child safety. Heidi’s daughter had been murdered six years previously and Jason’s son, Barney, disappeared a year later. The prologue of the little boy being abducted is terrifying in the simplicity and effortlessness it takes. Continue reading

Guest Post by Deborah O’Connor ~ #Books inspired by real stories #MondayBlogs @deboc77

Welcome to the first stop on the blog tour for My Husband’s Son by Deborah O’Connor. Over to you, Deborah, and thanks so much for a terrific post.


I love fiction that is inspired by real world stories.  There is something wonderful about reading a novel you think you already know all about, because it’s based on an item you’ve seen on the news or because you’ve come across it in a history lesson, only to discover an author has transformed it into a book that then makes you think about that event forevermore in a wholly new light. Continue reading