#Extract from The Piper and The Fairy by Carole Bulewski #Fantasy #Folklore #Mystery @carolebulewski #JustJane

I’m excited to share an extract from The Piper and The Fairy with you today. It’s the first in a trilogy of fantasy/folklore/mystery novels in which Carole Bulewski explores how the supernatural can creep into the most mundane of situations. The Water of Life and The Little God of Queen’s Park are the concluding titles, available soon, from Dream’s Edge Publishing, to whom Carole signed in 2020.

Before we get to the extract, here’s what the book is about…

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Storm Witch (The Spellworker Chronicles #2) by @AlysWestYork #UrbanFantasy #Witchcraft #FridayReads

Author: Alys West

Published: April 2020 by Fabrian Books

Category: Urban Fantasy, Witchcraft, Earth Magic, Romance, Book Review


Although not a spellworker herself, magic had always been part of Jenna’s life, guiding and nurturing her childhood. Her mother, Nina was a member of The Order of Spellworkers and Druids, enforcing the laws of the magical community. But six winter solstices ago Nina was murdered. Six winter solstices ago the other members of The Order died or disappeared. And six winter solstices ago Jenna banished magic from her life, fleeing back home to Orkney.

Jenna Henderson, duty manager in charge of tourism at Maeshowe burial chamber, one of the Neolithic wonders of Orkney, was about to have a meeting with Dr Winston Grant, an archeologist working on a dig on the island…and, initially unbeknownst to her, also a druid. Jenna was distraught when evidence of a magic ritual was discovered in the burial chamber along with pages from a book written by her late mother Nina, that went missing the day she was found drowned.

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Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfield ~ Historical Fiction #TuesdayBookBlog @DianeSetterfie1 #NetGalley #OnceUponARiver

Author: Diane Setterfield

Published: December 2018 by Transworld Digital

Category: Historical Fiction, Mystery, Folklore, Suspense, Romance, Book Review

On a dark midwinter’s night in an ancient inn on the Thames, the regulars are entertaining themselves by telling stories when the door bursts open and in steps an injured stranger. In his arms is the drowned corpse of a child.

Hours later, the dead girl stirs, takes and breath and returns to life.

Is it a miracle?

Is it magic?

And who does the little girl belong to?

The River Thames is at the heart of this story, along with those who live and work on or around it. The Swan, an ancient inn, sitting on the banks of the river is the focal point of the local community, where the tradition of storytelling thrives.

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Sealskin by Su Bristow @SuBristow #Magical Realism #Selkies @OrendaBooks #BookReview #FridayReads

  • Author: Su Bristow
  • Performed by Angus King
  • Released: February 2017 by Audible Studios
  • Category: Fantasy, Fiction, Romance

Donald is a young fisherman, eking out a lonely living on the west coast of Scotland. One night he witnesses something miraculous, and makes a terrible mistake. His action changes lives—not only his own, but those of his family and the entire tightly knit community in which they live. 

Based on the selkie myths, this is a wonderfully original debut novel. An extraordinary tale with dark undercurrents, it’s about the power of love, magic, forgiveness and conversely violence, loss and atonement. It explores the meaning of community, the story giving the impression of being set in times gone by, which combined with the complexities of living in a small fishing village, intensifies the atmosphere. When life could be extremely harsh, villagers didn’t stray far from home and weather and sea dictated their way of life.  Continue reading

#FridayBookShare ~ In The Blue Hour ~ A Novel by Elizabeth Hall @ShelleyWison72

#FridayBookShare ~ an excellent idea created by Shelley Wilson

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Center Point

  • CenterPointAuthor: R.M. Clark
  • Published: September 2013 by Writers AMuse Me
  • Category: Mystery/Suspense
  • four-half-stars

A list of names, an old map, and a drawing of a Native American warrior named Komaket: These are the items professional student, Dennis Kozma, receives on his twenty-fifth birthday. They are gifts from his father, who died fifteen years earlier. Unfortunately, Dennis’ memory is tainted by accusations that his father defrauded their town before his death. The map leads Dennis to the graves of the men on the list… members of a secret society awaiting the return of Komaket. While unravelling the mystery of this society, Dennis discovers a shocking conspiracy: town officials covered up a dark secret and framed his father. As he strives to clear his father’s name, before the long-awaited arrival of Komaket changes his quiet New England town forever, Dennis comes to two startling and fateful realizations — nothing is what is seems, and all clues lead to… The Center Point. 

I received a copy of the book in return for an honest review.

Even though he’s been dead for fifteen years, Dennis Kozma’s father comes back into his life in the form of some papers he’s left for his son to open on his twenty-fifth birthday. Along with his best friends, Tom and Jed, and his Uncle Russell, Dennis sets out to uncover the mystery of the Native American legend, Komaket, and to clear his father’s name of embezzlement charges.

Gene pulled out a package and placed it on the table. It was a leather satchel with string wrapped round it in both directions. “I promised your father I would personally hand this to you on your twenty-fifth birthday.” He looked at his watch. “What do you know? I made it with a few hours to spare.”

I took a small knife from my pocket and sliced off the string binding the package. I flipped open the top and pulled out two manilla folders. They smelled like my father’s cologne – God, I missed that scent.

It was intriguing to follow the mystery from Dennis’ point of view, how the clues were worked through, where they lead and the discoveries made along the way. The ever evolving drawing was especially compelling and curious. Legends and folklore are fascinating topics and although the ones mentioned in the story are fictional they are written in such a way as to have an authentic feel, tying in with the history of the town and it’s founding fathers.

The conspiracy and lore Dennis uncovers lead him ever deeper into the complexity of the mystery. What is it that links his father to a Native American legend and a battle from the Revolutionary war? Strange things start to make sense and as the threads of the puzzle are woven together an underlying darkness threatens. The conclusion is unexpected and dramatic, thank goodness for Uncle Russell….and Komaket. I’m sorry Melody and Dr Overmann didn’t get their comeuppance though.

I like that it was also a journey of discovery for Dennis, giving him the incentive he needs to kick-start his own life. He’s an engaging character but, at twenty-five, one that needs to grow up. He’s coasted along as a student and now needs to become part of the real world.

A very enjoyable read.

The book may be purchased at Amazon US Amazon UK and also found on Goodreads


R. M. Clark is a computer scientist and adult and children’s book writer who lives in a small New England town with his wife, two sons, one dog and one cat. He is currently at work on his latest middle grade mystery.