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About the book

‘Accused of pushing a boy to his death in a failed suicide intervention, DCI Doug Stirling is suspended from duty. Attacked in the media and haunted by the boy’s smile as he let go of Stirling’s hand, he must look on helplessly as an incompetent colleague intent on destroying him investigates the boy’s death, supported by the vindictive Deputy Chief Constable, McDonald.

Weeks later, an anonymous call leads the police to a remote location and the discovery of a burnt out car containing the body of an unidentified man who has been savagely murdered. Short of experienced senior investigators, ACC Steph Tanner has no choice but to take a professional risk. Throwing Stirling the lifeline he needs to restore his reputation, Tanner appoints him as SIO to lead the investigation.

But with no witnesses, no forensic evidence and more theories than investigators, Stirling’s investigation has far too many ‘loose threads’ as he uncovers a complex, interwoven history of deception, betrayal and sadistic relationships. Was the victim connected to the crime scene? Is the murder as complex as it appears? Or is there a simpler explanation?
Still traumatised by the boy’s death and with time the enemy, does Stirling still have what it takes to bring the killer, or killers, to justice before McDonald intervenes?

Things are already difficult enough when DC Helen Williams joins the investigation, a determined woman who seems intent on rekindling their past relationship. And is Ayesha, the beautiful lawyer Stirling has grown fond of, connected to the murder somehow?’


Ray Britain’s debut novel was released just a few days ago and here’s Ray to tell us more.

Who is Ray Britain?

A fair question. I was a police officer in the United Kingdom with a varied career in uniform and detective roles and completed my career in a high rank, but the investigation of crime and the camaraderie amongst detectives remained my preference. As a Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) I led complex crime investigations, some of which engaged discreet national capabilities. For many years I was also a police Negotiator. Continue reading

#Interview & #Extract ~ Miles of Files by Michael J Sahno @MikeSahno #FridayReads #Humour #Thriller

Welcome, Mike. First of all, please introduce yourself and tell us what you like to do when not writing.

I began writing at a very early age, and eventually went on to study English and American literature in the university setting. I got a Master of Arts in English from Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY at the age of 24, and went on to become a full-time professional writer in 2001. When I’m not writing, I love to get into the other areas of the arts: concerts, visual arts, and so on. To to stay healthy, I run and work out. 

What was your inspiration for Miles of Files?

In Miles of Files, a young man find out that his boss is stealing from the company retirement plan, but not in a traditional embezzlement: he’s actually created these fake employee files, to make it look like he’s paying out benefits to former employees. The germ of the story is based loosely on an experience of my own: I once worked for a company that “froze” the company retirement plan for a year, so no one could take funds out or even put funds in. That was an unnerving experience. Continue reading

#Interview with Barb Taub @barbtaub & Excerpt from her #newrelease #TuesdayBookBlog

I’m very pleased to welcome Barb Taub, a firm favourite in the world of writing and blogging.

Barb pix 300 dpiIn halcyon days BC (before children), Barb wrote a humor column for several Midwest newspapers. With the arrival of Child #4, she veered towards the dark side and an HR career. Following a daring daytime escape to England, she’s lived in a medieval castle and a hobbit house with her prince-of-a-guy and the World’s Most Spoiled Aussie Dog. Now all her days are Saturdays, and she spends them traveling around the world, plus consulting with her daughter on Marvel heroes, Null City, and translating from British to American.

That’s some bio, Barb. Anything you can add? And you kind of answered the next part of my question which was going to be, what do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing? But maybe you could elaborate 🙂

I’ve always thought of myself as a writer. Although I was a journalist when younger, and had a syndicated humor column in several American newspapers, the financial realities of raising four kids who had unrealistic expectations — they thought they should eat EVERY day, sleep in actual beds, and wear clothes—meant that I spent many years on the Dark Side (HR professional). You can’t believe how much money employers are willing to pay you to fire people.  Continue reading

Having a chat with Wendy Lou Jones @WendyLou Writer #books #blogging

The lovely Wendy Lou Jones invited me over to her blog this week. You can see her post here
Hello again, and today I’d like to welcome Cathy Ryan to the spotlight. Come on in and take a pew, Cathy. Tell you what, you introduce yourself while I pop the kettle on.
Hi, my name is Cathy Ryan and we recently moved from Somerset to a beautiful part of the North Wales coast.
Oh, I love North Wales. I spent many holidays there as a child.How long have you been blogging and what is the name of your blog?
I began my blog in November 2013…
Same as me!
…private initially because I just wanted to keep a record for myself. But because I couldn’t set it out the way I wanted to without going live, I thought, what the heck, and went for it. I haven’t regretted it for an instant although I knew nothing at all about blogging to begin with. My blog is called BetweenTheLines and, as well as book reviews, it includes guest posts, interviews and photos. Amateur photography is a hobby I enjoy very much.
Me too. –  We could be twins! I love taking photographs, particularly macros of flowers and nature shots.And how do you fit all this reading into your life? (marriage/kids/job)
Our daughters are grown up and have flown the nest, we do have a grandson though, who I love to spend time with. I don’t work so basically my time is my own, and when reading isn’t an option I listen to audiobooks.
I grew up listening to audio books at night, going to sleep. I don’t know what to do with myself if I listen to them these days. Maybe when my kids are older…And what keeps you blogging?
I love sharing my love of books with like minded people and I enjoy very much the wonderful blogging community. I’ve found lots of brilliant books which I probably wouldn’t have otherwise and made many new friends.
It’s a real community, isn’t it?

What would you say was your favourite genre?
That’s a difficult question. If I had to pick one genre it would probably by Mystery/Thriller. Or is that two? 😉 But I enjoy lots of different genres including Urban Fantasy, Contemporary, Drama and Historical.

Are you an e-reader or a paperback girl?
Given the choice, the money (and the room!) I’d choose paperbacks every time. I love ‘real’ books. It’s not practical, though, so I have a mixture of both.
We do in my house. My husband fills the shelves stuffed full with paperbacks and I have my Kindle. :-/

Continue reading



12038176_10152946037597132_2632219336957045530_nToday I am pleased to welcome back Judith Barrow, a favourite of mine. Welcome to Welsh Wednesdays and thank you for agreeing to another interview.

Thank you, Christoph. And thank you for inviting me here. I feel we’ve known one another quite a while on-line but it was lovely to actually meet you in person at the Tenby Book Fair.

Very likewise, Judith. First up, please tell us about your connection to Wales.

I was born and brought up in a village at the base of the Pennines but I’ve lived in Pembrokeshire for the last thirty-eight years. We came to Tenby on holiday, fell in love with the county, saw a half-built house in a field and, throwing caution to the wind, bought it.  Best move we ever made even though we eventually moved in on one of the coldest days I can remember in November, to a house…

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Fractured Blog Tour ~ Cover Reveal, Giveaway and Interview



by Leanne Pearson
Publication Date: June 1, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Romance 

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For twenty-three year old Katrina Smith, the events of one day irrevocably changed her life.

Life in Christchurch, New Zealand, couldn’t have been better. She was in love with a wonderful man, had a job she enjoyed, and had her life mapped out before her…

What dawned as a typical summer’s day, changed into a day of devastation and overwhelming loss. An insidious danger lay beneath the benign land surface, seismic tension, like a ticking time-bomb, was counting down to a catastrophe. And Kate and her boyfriend, Daniel, were in its path. It took mere seconds for the world to be ripped out from under her. Suddenly, Kate was deluged by a vortex of Post Traumatic Stress, guilt and crippling anguish.

Dominic Dell’Antonio, an American marine working in New Zealand, was a man hiding from his own demons which lurked behind depth-less blue eyes that read so much, yet yielded so little. He kept himself aloof and isolated. Nightmares regularly plagued him.

As Kate slipped under a suffocating wave of heartache, she blocks out the world behind self-imposed walls, drowning in the torrents of grief. Quiet, yet commanding, Dominic connects with Kate on some inexplicably deeper level. He wants to protect her. He wants to make her his.

Two damaged and guarded souls drawn together through tragic circumstances. Two lonely hearts drawn to one another to find comfort.




Author Leanne PearsonAbout the Author:

Leanne Pearson grew up in Durban, South Africa. She later immigrated to New Zealand, where she now lives with her husband, and two children. During her down time, if she’s not reading, she can be found relaxing outside, sipping on an apple cider, soaking up the sights and sounds of rural New Zealand. Leanne has had a few feature articles published in the newspaper over the years and has had a flair for creative writing from a very young age.

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Today I’m interviewing Leanne about her debut novel, Fractured. 

Welcome Leanne, what prompted you to write Katrina’s story?

There was so much tragedy surrounding the Christchurch earthquakes, innumerable personal accounts of loss and grief were told, yet despite the immense loss of life and the challenges facing the people of Christchurch, stories of optimism filtered through. I started thinking I’d like to develop a fictional tale of not only physical, but emotional survival. This is the heart of my story…finding love while walking the harrowing road of loss, and is what makes this an emotional read. As was said to Katrina by a side character in the story—love doesn’t have a set timetable. It’s all-powerful, and can come out of the blue at a time you’d least expect.

Can you give us an insight into her character, is there anything of yourself in Katrina

Katrina isn’t weak by nature, she’s just emotionally knocked for six by the intensity of the situation she finds herself in, and has gone through. She’s a one-man woman who doesn’t fall in love easily, but when she does—she falls hard. Her world literally comes crashing down around her on that fateful day: 22 February, 2011. I’d say a little of me comes through in Katrina. I share her fear of flying for one!

What was the greatest challenge when writing the book?

Time, always time! It’s a real juggle of my time between family, work and the my need to write. I had an emotionally compelling story playing out in my head, but often didn’t have enough down-time to translate these thoughts into words. Perseverance paid off, and it was a heady moment to finally type the words: The End.

Which writers have inspired you, given you motivation?

Kristen Ashley has been a favourite author of mine for years. One of her recent releases is entitled ‘Kaleidoscope’, and is a word which perfectly describes her stories actually, as they are filled with colourful characters, rich with emotion, and backdropped by spectacular settings and melt-your-heart, alpha characters.

Do you have a special time to write, how is your day structured?

I don’t have a set writing schedule. I write when I have the available down time, but when burning at both ends, I at the very least, set aside a period of time to write either first thing in the morning, or late at night after the family have been tucked in.

What would be your fantasy day if you could spend it anywhere, with anyone, past or present?

To meet the A-list dreamcast of every favourite book of mine to date, and personally thank them for enriching my escape world so much!

Ah, yes, I understand that completely! Is there anything you would like to add?

I’d be interested to know what songs on the Fractured playlist readers associate with certain chapters?

Thank you for your time and a great interview, Leanne.

Author Interview and Giveaway ~ Melissa A Petreshock

Name that Dragon Banner

As the 9th stop in the Name That Dragon Blog Hunt, this post contains a clue. It is your job, as the reader, to identify the dragon described. Please remember your answer to this puzzle, as well as any past and future ones within this tour. You will need to know ALL the answers to enter for the chance to win the Grand Prize of a sterling silver Celtic triquetra on a 16in chain and a pre-order code.

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Today’s guest is Melissa A Petreshock, author of Fire of Stars and Dragons.

  • Melissa A. Petreshock_ photographer Candy Ailstock_ smaller fileWelcome, Melissa. What gave you the idea for this book and how did you choose the title?

The concept of the Dracopraesi dragon mythology started the whole idea. Everything else is a matter of figuring out what other supernatural beings would exist in the world with them, how they would all interact, and how they would affect humans if they were “out”, known to the public. I liked the idea of a romantic plot but something complicated and deeply rooted in the fantasy element of the book.

The title was originally HONOR OF PENDRAGON when I queried the manuscript, but I wasn’t “in love” with the title. When my publisher offered the contract with the stipulation of a title change, I started thinking of other ideas. Considering I was signing with a romance imprint, I emailed her with the suggestion FIRE OF STARS AND DRAGONS, which is a piece of a quote from the book. She fell in love with it immediately, and so it was set.

  • Can you give us an insight into your main character and what drives her?

Cait is very driven by the need to survive in a world not very friendly to women and even less friendly to human women. She’s a woman of means thanks to inheriting her uncle’s fortune in his passing, but that does little to help her due to the sovereign laws in this world. She must marry and has two choices- choose between King Corrin (vampire), Dante (demigod), and Theo (dragon), who each have their own reasons behind offering, or face an arranged marriage. Cait may not like having limited options, but she’d rather have three choices than none at all if marriage is going to be forced upon her. Control and independence are things she craves but can’t ever seem to find without running into barriers. Sometimes those barriers are her own strengths and weaknesses working against her.

  • How disciplined are you in your writing and how do you work – to an outline or wherever the ideas take you?

I’m really not very disciplined at all. My household is in constant chaos, and so am I, but it works for me somehow. I work off a basic outline, knowing the overall arcing structure and major plot points then allow a lot of freedom for my characters to lead the way. They’re very strong and determined to do things their way, so it’s hard to fight them. 😉

  • Is there a message in your novel you want your readers to grasp?

There are a lot of messages throughout the trilogy if people want to read into them deep enough. Mostly, I hope everyone walks away from reading it with a sense of empowerment. No matter what life puts in front of you, you always control your decisions whether they’re in your actions or your attitude, even if you can’t change the outcome. Life may be out of your control, but your decisions aren’t. Oracle and Lord Regent of the Dracopraesi.

  • What was the greatest challenge when writing your novel?

Accepting the fact that no matter how much I loved it, and how much my beta team loved it, there was still the chance I wouldn’t be able to find a publisher willing to take a chance on it. It doesn’t fit exactly into any stereotypical moulds, so there were times it was hard to believe anyone in publishing would accept it without changing it to conform to what they found “acceptable” for the market. That can be very discouraging.

  • Who is your favourite character and why?

I won’t name any of the main characters since I don’t want to show favoritism, so I’ll tell you my favorite secondary character. Claaron Graywyne. He’s one of the Dracopraesi dragons. Claaron is a well-dressed badass, irreverent, snarky, and comes off as a bit of a cad at times, but his loyalty is unfathomable, and his friendship is true. When I finished writing up the character profile, I realized I basically created a dragon version of one of my best friends, so I anagrammed his name to create Claaron Graywyne.

  • What question have you always wanted to be asked?

Why shapeshifting dragons? My answer: because with all the myths and lore surrounding dragons, I could create a great mythology and history for my Dracopraesi and leave you wondering about the possibilities. That’s what I love about a really great fantasy. I want to be left wondering if it could be real.

  • Would you like to say anything specific to your readers?

The Stars & Souls Trilogy is comprised of three books: FIRE OF STARS AND DRAGONS, BLOOD OF STARS AND GODS, and ETERNITY OF STARS AND CROWNS. Don’t count your happily-ever-afters until you close the third book. (And the book titles have multiple meanings behind them from my POV as the author, so don’t make too many assumptions.)

Many thanks to Melissa for an insightful interview.

Fire of Stars and Dragons 1600x2400Synopsis from Goodreads

Following the death of her vampire uncle, twenty-one-year-old CAITRIONA HAYDEN finds herself in the midst of a trio of quintessential alpha male suitors in 22nd century sovereign America where human females should be seen and not heard.

Theo Pendragon claims her as his ward, ordained to guard her through to a long-awaited destiny unbeknownst to Cait, but finds more than he expected when passion ignites within the dragon for the first time. 

Always drawn to the pursuit of knowledge rather than the heat of desire, powerful demigod Dante cannot deny everything his future holds in Caitriona. America’s monarch, ancient vampire Corrin, has no interest in the frivolity of love, yet marrying Cait could be the answer to his continued survival.
Soon, Cait goes from studying for college exams to choosing a husband in seven days, knowing the consequences are eternal, the love undying, and the bond timeless.

Author Interview ~ Jo Bunt

I’m very pleased to welcome Jo Bunt, author of Daughter of the Winds, which is on offer from 14th to 20th February as a Valentine special! So grab one while you can 🙂

a4d5b5614ce30a22d17ad3.L._V368238849_SY470_Jo Bunt was born in Cyprus to British parents. It made sense to her that her first novel should be based there.

Following the family’s return to England Jo went to school in Nottingham, university in Hull and then worked in London as a Recruitment Consultant for PwC for many years. Following a family illness Jo moved to Derbyshire where she now lives with her husband and her twin sons. This has enabled her to focus on her two great loves in life; her family and her writing.

She remembers writing her first ‘novel’ when she was seven but spent her angst-ridden teenage years writing miserable and dark poetry. She mostly writes mainstream fiction but is also working on a series of children’s adventure books, largely guided by her own children. When she is not writing or looking after the children Jo is an avid reader and self-confessed food snob. If she can combine the two she is a very happy lady indeed.

  •  Jo, how old were you when you left Cyprus and do ever feel you’d like to visit again?

I was 5 when I left Cyprus.  We went back as a family a few times over the years for holidays and I took my husband to Cyprus before we had our children.  I have a huge fondness for the country and would love to visit again.

  • Is there a particular book or author that inspired you?

There are so many! I love Victoria Hislop’s books about Greece, especially The Island.  I like to learn something new at the same time as reading a gripping story.  

  • When did you decide to write Daughter of the Winds and how was the whole process for you?

After I had my twins I gave up work in the city.  I thought I could retrain in something – anything – but all I wanted to do was write.  After about a year of research and writing a few lines here and there (and getting nowhere) I went on a writing course at my local library run by local author Martin Davies.  He was wonderful in motivating me.  I came up with a plan at this time and stuck to it.  By the third and final module of his course I had a manuscript.

  • Do you work to an outline or run with the characters?

I always have a pretty good idea of where the story is going but sometimes the characters take me in a different direction.  Characters that were only meant to be bystanders sometimes steal the scene and end up sticking around.

  • What would be your perfect meal and where would you dine?

I love food and there are many contenders for the ‘perfect meal’.  It would almost certainly be seafood, and definitely by the ocean/ sea that it was caught in that day.  There’s not much that can compare to the Shrimp Roti with Bajan pepper sauce and a local beer in Cocomo’s on the west coast of Barbados.  Happy times!

  • That sounds lovely! Finally, do you have anything specific to say to your readers?

Thank you for taking the time to read Daughter of the Winds.  I would write even if nobody read my books but I am so happy to be able to share these characters with you.  Every sale excites me because it means someone else is going to meet Pru and Leni and they get to tell their story all over again.

51PmKho2wyL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_SX342_SY445_CR,0,0,342,445_SH20_OU02_Synopsis from Amazon

When the Turkish invade Cyprus in 1974 Pru, a young British Army wife, has her life turned upside down. Two weeks later she flees the country with a baby who isn’t hers. Over thirty years later that baby, now a grown woman called Leni, returns to the island of her birth to find out about the chain of events that led her to be brought up as Pru’s child. She discovers the true cost of war, how the hurt still continues through the generations and what being a family really means. In this story of love and loss Leni will lay ghosts to rest in more ways than one.

Daughter of the Winds can be purchased here  also on Amazon US  and you can find out more about Jo here

Many thanks to Jo for agreeing to this interview.