Daughter of the Winds ~ the book

  Author: Jo Bunt Published: November 2013 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Category: Contemporary Fiction In the Cyprus of 1974 Prudence, a young and pregnant army wife, was caught up in the fighting between the Turkish and Greek Cypriots following the Turkish Forces invasion of Cyprus. Pru, a little self-centred and unprepared for the realities of … Continue reading Daughter of the Winds ~ the book

Author Interview ~ Jo Bunt

I’m very pleased to welcome Jo Bunt, author of Daughter of the Winds, which is on offer from 14th to 20th February as a Valentine special! So grab one while you can 🙂 Jo Bunt was born in Cyprus to British parents. It made sense to her that her first novel should be based there. Following the … Continue reading Author Interview ~ Jo Bunt