2015 ~ My 20 Top Reads ~ #reading #books

A tough choice, I’ve read lots a great books this year and, in no particular order (as they say) here are my top 20 reads. They are all rated either 4.5 or 5 stars. Clicking on the cover links to Amazon UK. Raven's Choice ~ The Replacement Chronicles #1 ~ Prehistoric fiction, based on fact … Continue reading 2015 ~ My 20 Top Reads ~ #reading #books

Inkker Hauser ~ Part 2: Literastein

Author: Phil Conquest Kindle Edition Category: Fiction, Dark Comedy Having spent a pleasant day preparing to harness his muse and strolling around his local neighbourhood committing acts of literary vandalism, our hero contemplates his research into such matters as he prepares for his date with the gorgeous Tylissa.  The date does not work out as … Continue reading Inkker Hauser ~ Part 2: Literastein

Inkker Hauser ~ Part 1: Rum Hijack

Author: Phil Conquest Published: September 2014 by Phil Conquest Category: Fiction, Dark Comedy One day he will write the masterpiece that renders critics speechless and seats him on the throne of literary infamy.  It’s inside him…somewhere.  In the meantime, between going from one failed relationship to the next, he sits in his dead grandfather’s flat … Continue reading Inkker Hauser ~ Part 1: Rum Hijack