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Catch 52: One Man’s Tale of Surviving in a Post-Brexit World 

What do you do when your love affair with Europe comes to an undignified end?

On 24th June 2016, Mike McCarthy wakes up to the news that Britain has voted to leave the EU. A committed European, he is shattered. Over the coming weeks and months, he takes a long, hard look at himself, determined to uncover the reasons why this travesty has occurred, scrutinising the faces of everyone he meets for those he believes may have voted in or out.

As he tries to cope with the looming horror of Brexit, Mike fondly recalls his visits to Europe as a young man, the relationships he formed and how these have moulded his pan-European outlook.

Digging too deeply into issues has always been his problem. Mike begins to question the views he holds so dear and discovers new things about those closest to him. As McCarthy staggers on from The Referendum to the unthinkable triggering of Article 50, he finds himself plunged himself into a different world of social comment and political media. As the strategy for Brexit emerges, he wonders where his future lies and questions his commitment to a cause that may yet plunge his and Britain’s hopes and dreams into the abyss.

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Brexit has been called ‘one of the great issues of our times.’ I would go further and say it is the single most important issue of our times for the United Kingdom. Its influence has spread across the Atlantic where it influenced the outcome of last year’s presidential election, Europe, where it has influenced national elections in Austria, The Netherlands and France and across the world where the overriding sentiment is shock. It counts among its victims one Prime Minister and as I write, perhaps another. At the present time, much academic research is being undertaken across the world into the reasons, effects and outcomes of Britain voting to leave the European Union. ‘Brexit’ is the most searched for word on social media and hardly a day goes by when I do not hear the word in some context or other. Brexit is quite simply, a phenomenon.

For several years I had wanted to write a book about British culture. Plenty of words had been written on the subject, the clear majority, academic works. This determined me to write a novel. The problem with writing a ‘cultural’ novel was having a catalyst, a central tent-pole to hang a narrative from. Without a major, central theme a cultural novel could fall flat. It wouldn’t be an impossible task, but I felt I needed a catalyst to be able to complete the work to my satisfaction. Brexit gave me my chance. One such novel of the 20th Century that I had admired was George Orwell’s 1939 book Coming Up for Air. Considered today to be a major cultural achievement and by many critics the writer’s finest novel the work centres around one man, his family, relationships, politics and life history. Although nostalgia is a significant theme the overriding force in the work is the pending Second World War.

Coming Up for Air is a work of its time, a time for most people long gone; a time superseded by several diverse cultural shifts and social earthquakes. Catch 52: An everyman’s tale of surviving in a post-brexit world is also a work of its time and like Orwell’s book it revolves around one man (McCarthy) his family, relationships, politics and life history. Nostalgia is an important theme and Brexit is the central issue that the narrative is built upon. At that point, any further influence is quickly dissipated.

I didn’t wake up on 24th June last year and decide to write a book about Brexit. However, the idea evolved over the next couple of months. Ideas floated around in my mind and finally came to fruition in late August whilst on holiday in Greece. I have always been inspired by travel and may well look back to that family holiday as the spark to a different career. The ideas and themes were starting to overflow so I bought a notebook, a couple of pens and got started. I had previously kept logs and journals whilst travelling but never written a work of fiction before. In the small Greek resort, there were many different nationalities and British Ex-Pats and I sought their opinions and comments. Most people I spoke to thought it the most natural thing in the world to write a book about Brexit. 

What makes Brexit controversial has been its ability to divide and polarise a country. The final voting figures in the referendum 52-48 (Which inspired the book’s title) was an early pointer to something that divided families, friends, colleagues and the different generations. It shocked because the result was unexpected by most and one year on our country is once again going through another shock. A General Election, called in the name of Brexit has back-fired spectacularly on the sitting Prime Minister and could lead to her political downfall. I’m wondering how many more scalps this phenomenon will take over the next few years.

I have mentioned the fact that much serious academic work is currently being undertaken about Brexit and this is clearly understandable. I expect that other writers will also embark upon works of Brexit fiction. Who knows… Perhaps a new literary genre, Brexit Fiction will come into being.  I suppose the timing of the writing is important here. My book deals with a period from June 24th, 2016, the day the result of the Referendum was announced to Easter 2017 and the triggering of Article 50. In the brief period since Easter 2017 we have had a ground-breaking French General Election, won by a candidate that a year ago was largely unheard of on a pro-European, ant-Brexit ticket and now, a British ‘Brexit’ election that one senior political journalist has called ‘The Revenge of the Remainers.’ What we are seeing is the commencement of the backlash against Brexit. How things develop will no-doubt continue to send shock-waves around the planet.  

Brexit and all its political, cultural and social fallout will be with us for many years to come. It should provide fertile ground for writers of all persuasion.


After three decades of serving as a police officer in the inner-city areas of Liverpool, P.G. Ronane retired and decided to go back to school, run for office and travel the European continent. Now 61, he is an education manager living in Wirral with his family. This is his first book.

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A Chateau For Sale by Carrie Parker #Romantic #Thriller @BrookCottageBks #Giveaway

Genre: Romantic thriller

Release Date:  13th January 2017

Publisher: Acorn Independent Press

Kate is living an idyllic life in the Kent countryside until she falls in love with her new neighbour, Nick.  She still loves her husband, Alastair, and she doesn’t want to choose.  Inevitably, she has to, but escaping with Nick to his château in southern France proves to be the worst decision of her life.

The betrayal of her beloved husband, Alastair, leaves Kate racked with guilt, but things are only going to get worse. She never imagined how fiercely loyal Alastair’s best friend, Richard, would prove to be . . . nor the devastating consequences of his loyalty.

Instead of the new start that she’d hoped for, Kate’s life at the château descends into a nightmare, taking her to the brink of despair . . . and when you’re desperate you’ll do anything.

What starts as a romance soon takes a much darker turn as the dramatic and unpredictable plot unfolds, twisting and turning, always with the château at its centre.

The novel captures the essence of rural France, from the descriptions of the countryside and villages to the insights into the lives of the locals and in-comers alike.

An ideal holiday read, A Château for Sale is also a cautionary tale for anyone dreaming of starting a new life in the sun!

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DI David Snow has a serial killer to catch, a killer as mysterious as the crimes he commits. Snow is due to retire, but not before he discovers who and why someone killed his sergeant, and is now coming after him. What Snow wants, apart from catching the killer, is to understand women and find one to share his life with. The killer seems to have a personal vendetta against Snow, but he is determined that no one else should die because of him. Snow’s efforts are hampered by his failing health, and the arrival of a new sergeant, ‘ruthless’ DS Ruth Winton. Ruth Winton is not what she seems. Alarm bells start to ring when Snow realises she is after more than just his job. Uncovering the truth almost costs Snow his life, but he manages to evade the killer. In a surprise twist, we learn that Snow cannot win, passing the reigns to his junior sergeant, Danny Smith. Can Danny finally outwit the killer, or is he doomed to fail too?


It was almost midnight, the cold rushing wind the only sound in the empty, deserted streets. The detective was unaware that someone had been following him ever since he left the public house. This had not been a social visit, he had been looking for information, seeking to loosen a few tongues with the help of the local brew. Continue reading

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  • Published: June 2017 on Kindle
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It’s summer, the sun’s shining, and Libby Forest is celebrating her son’s country wedding in Somerset, surrounded by friends. What could possibly go wrong?

Taking a moment to relax in the marquee after her son, Robert’s wedding to Sarah, Libby Forrest has a strange conversation with Belinda, the bride’s mother, which is interrupted by an unnerving man in a kaftan, causing Libby to prickle with discomfort and Belinda to make a hasty exit. Libby’s innate curiosity is aroused but before she could process her thoughts she is dismayed to hear an altercation break out over a supposedly stolen ring.  Continue reading

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Genre: Chick lit/romantic comedy
Release Date: 19 June 2017

Life isn’t working out quite as Gemma had planned. Her breakthrough job turns out to involve writing clickbait articles about cats. Her boyfriend Jack is off travelling the world with his glamorous BFF and her mum’s social life puts Gemma’s own to shame.
Then, after a late-night online rant, Gemma’s YouTube channel goes viral and everything changes.
Suddenly, she’s living the dream – only it’s not turning out entirely as she imagined.
Gemma realises she’ll have to choose between fame, real love and being true to herself – because she can’t have it all. Or can she?

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The Black Hornet (James Ryker Book 2) by @RSinclairAuthor #Thriller @BloodhoundBook #BlogTour

Welcome to the final day of the Bloodhound Books Blog Tour for The Black Hornet, which I’m sharing with Chelles Book Reviews.

  • Author: Rob Sinclair
  • Published: June 2017 by Bloodhound Books
  • Category: Thriller, Suspense, Crime, Action, Book Review, Books, Reading, Blog Tour

What do you do when the love of your life vanishes without a trace? If you’re ex-intelligence agent James Ryker you search for the answers whatever the cost, however much blood and sacrifice it takes…

Six months ago Lisa was taken from Ryker, and he’ll stop at nothing to find out who is responsible and why. Following a trail to Mexico, the ex-Joint Intelligence Agency asset soon finds himself in the firing line of enemies he long thought he’d left behind. Set-up for the murder of a former informant, Ryker is thrown into a crumbling jail run by The Black Hornet, the notorious leader of a Mexican drug cartel. But what connects the cartel to the informant’s murder, and to Lisa’s disappearance? And just who is the mystery American claiming he can help Ryker in his hour of need?

The Black Hornet is the second book in the bestselling James Ryker series. Part Bourne, part Reacher, it’s an explosive and action-packed thriller to rival any other.

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The Coven (Crystal Coast Series #1) by Chrissy Lessey @chrissylessey #FridayReads #Witches

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  • Published: April 2006 by Pandmoon Publishing
  • Kindle Edition due to be published on 27th June 2017 by Tenacious Books Publishing
  • Category: Contemporary, Magical, Fantasy, Romance, Book Review, Books, Reading

Newly single mother Stevie Lewis divides her time between raising Charlie, running a store with her best friend, and avoiding the meetings of her mother’s Beaufort Historic Society. Although her life has its challenges, it’s altogether average. Just the way she likes it.

The prologue sets up the basis of the story. In 1718 a small colony of witches lived peacefully on a small island, until the queen, Lucia, had a vision of discovery and the persecution to come. ‘She who holds the amulet, holds the power.’ She chooses the three strongest of the young women, with the necessary gifts to ensure their survival. When Lucia’s vision of the pirate attack became actual fact, the fates of Hannah, Catherine and Charlotte were sealed. They find themselves aboard Blackbeard’s ship and at his mercy.   Continue reading

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