Hurry! Round Trip Fare is only $.99 TODAY! Kindle Countdown price rises until 31 Aug. #SciFi #Fantasy #Bargain

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For a VERY limited time**, Amazon has reduced Round Trip Fare from $4.99 to $.99! You can get your very own copy here at this amazing price.

SALE!Click on image for previews, reviews, and buy links from Amazon!

**As part of the Kindle Countdown, today’s price is $0.99. But that price will increase each day over the promotion until it’s back at the regular $4.99 after 31 August.

[My apologies in advance to readers and followers: apparently ‘real’ writers do all this publicity stuff. Lots. Although I basically suck at that, I’m going to spend the next couple of days tweeting and posting about this special countdown promotion that Amazon Kindle is running before I return this blog to it’s regularly-scheduled random confusion. Sorry about that.]

Reviewers are saying:

Round Trip Fare RWA Contest Finalist 2015“A detailed and complex plot lends itself to lots of fast paced action. Add humorous dialogue, super heroines, hunky men – with tattoos –…

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New Release! Do Not Wash Hands in Plates #Travel #humor #India

This will be a hoot – just downloaded my copy.

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Do Not Wash Hands In Plates: Elephant frenzy, parathas, temples, palaces, monkeys…and the kindness of Indian strangers

–Text by Barb Taub, Photographs by Jayalakshmi Ayyer and Janine Smith


This is the story of three women eating our way across India in search of adventure, elephants, temples, palaces, western toilets, monkeys, the perfect paratha… and the kindness of Indian strangers.

Once upon the Land Before Time (or at least before mobile phones), my two best friends and I decided to leave the US from separate locations and meet up in Europe. To everyone’s shock, Janine, Jaya and I pulled it off—mostly because we went to Luxembourg, a country so small the odds in favor of chance street encounters were almost 100%, but also because Jaya was carrying the BS, a blue suitcase so enormous it took up approximately a third of the country’s square footage and was visible on satellite images…

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Coffee with Barb & Cathy Ryan ~Character Development from Readers’ vs Writers’ Perspective

Thanks so much for inviting me over, Barb 🙂

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Memorable characters: writers may create them, but readers give them life

Book reviewer and blogger Cathy Ryan from Between the Lines bookblog Book reviewer and blogger Cathy Ryan from Between the Lines bookblog

My guest blogger today is Cathy Ryan, well-known for her entertaining and insightful reviews over at Between the Lines. Cathy brings us a unique blend of perspectives, as she talks about developing memorable characters from the viewpoints of a sophisticated reader as well as two very different writers.

Three may be a crowd, but there’s still plenty of room for you to grab your favorite beverage and join us over here near the fire. Welcome Cathy!

coffee with BarbWhat readers look for in character development— and how two different writers deliver it.

Guest post by Cathy Ryan

with special guests—authors Sarah Cradit & Mark Berry

DroppingBy-28Today I’m dropping by Barb Taub’s wonderful blog. Thanks so much for inviting me, Barb. You’re a very tough act to follow, but here goes…

There’s no…

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12038176_10152946037597132_2632219336957045530_nToday I am pleased to welcome back Judith Barrow, a favourite of mine. Welcome to Welsh Wednesdays and thank you for agreeing to another interview.

Thank you, Christoph. And thank you for inviting me here. I feel we’ve known one another quite a while on-line but it was lovely to actually meet you in person at the Tenby Book Fair.

Very likewise, Judith. First up, please tell us about your connection to Wales.

I was born and brought up in a village at the base of the Pennines but I’ve lived in Pembrokeshire for the last thirty-eight years. We came to Tenby on holiday, fell in love with the county, saw a half-built house in a field and, throwing caution to the wind, bought it.  Best move we ever made even though we eventually moved in on one of the coldest days I can remember in November, to a house…

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Friday Fantasy – Gossamer Webs – Sonnet 31

A beautiful sonnet accompanied by fabulous artwork…courtesy of Morgan and Michelle Phelan


Gossamer Webs

When Colours Speak in mortal Visage Tender,

Like Blushing Blossoms new on Fairest Spring,

The Lightest Smile of Grace would, Willing, render

All the Mercies of Thy Song to, Endless, Sing.

In Spirals Bright as Palest Morn upon yon Waking Hill,

And Timid Blush that warms the Maiden Cheek,

Thy Beauty dost Inhibit and dost Thrill,

While I, in Wonder Bound, Thy Smile Seek.

Thy hapless Dance of Earliest Season Greet,

As Golden Shimmers from the Crowned Sky do Fall,

Yet I would Abide, Delighted, at Thy Feet,

And Compass All my World In Thy Fair Hall,

But Spring does Fade as Beauty with its Ebbs,

And Tawny Autumn Comes too soon with Gossamer Webs.

Gossamer Webs2

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Michelle Phelan

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