Introducing Rosie’s Review-A-Book Challenge #RRABC #BookReviews #Reading

Did you know that 99% of the reading public never post a review for a book? That's quite a staggering percentage. At Rosie Amber's Book Review Team (six years and going strong!), we often look at ways to encourage more people to review.  This autumn, Rosie has planned a Review-A-Book Challenge, with a great list of … Continue reading Introducing Rosie’s Review-A-Book Challenge #RRABC #BookReviews #Reading

The Rosie Amber #Review Team Awards ~ #books #reading

Well known UK book blogger Rosie Amber wants to give out some virtual gold and silver roses! @rosieamber1    See details below:   The books ~ how they were chosen For anyone who doesn't know, Rosie runs a very popular book blog with many interesting features, and has a reviewing team of 25-30 readers.  Obviously the nominations are taken only from those that have been … Continue reading The Rosie Amber #Review Team Awards ~ #books #reading