The Calling of the Raven

  • 22401396Author: Jenny Lloyd
  • Published: June 2014 by
  • Category: Historical Fiction
  • five-stars

The Calling of the Raven is the sequel to the acclaimed novel, Leap the Wild Water, and continues Megan’s quest for acceptance, autonomy, and unconditional love. Megan is resolved to tell Eli of the affair she had before they married and of her illegitimate daughter, Fortune, which her brother, Morgan, and Mam stole from her to save the family from shame. Before Megan has a chance to tell Eli, her plans are scuppered by a chance meeting with her old lover; the ne’er-do-well, Iago. Megan’s life again takes a turn for the worse and there seems to be no mending the damage Iago has caused. 

This is the incredible sequel to Leap The Wild Water. I loved the first book and this one is just as compelling and moving. Megan, keeping her secret, has married Eli Jenkins but decides to tell him after Morgan brings Fortune home. Before she can say anything Eli finds out in worst possible way. His fury knows no bounds and Megan doesn’t recognise the man she married. The housekeeper, Gwen, hands in her notice leaving Megan to manage the farm alone. Megan’s life becomes a terrible ordeal as she is subjected to cruel taunts and torment by Eli and the new dairy maid, Branwen. By their behaviour towards each other it’s obvious to Megan that Eli and Branwen are not strangers. Continue reading

Leap The Wild Water #Historical #Fiction by @jennyoldhouse set in #Wales

  • LeapTheWildWaterAuthor: Jenny Lloyd
  • Published: March 2013 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Category: Historical Fiction
  • five-stars

Megan Jones tries to carve a life of her own, in a community where women are neither equal nor free. Her brother, Morgan, is a man in torment; his Mam has died and he is now desperate to make amends for the terrible wrongs he has done. But what if doing the right thing would lead to his sister’s ruin? As Morgan wrestles with his conscience, Megan’s past begins to catch up with her and threatens to destroy her life. Set in early 19th century Wales, Leap the Wild Water is a dark tale of treachery, secrets, and what it means to be free. From shifting viewpoints, the stories of Megan and Morgan unfold towards a terrifying conclusion.

Leap The Wild Water is the story of Megan Jones and her brother, Morgan. Each tell the story in the first person, from the past and present, in their own voices and from their own perspectives. This is excellently written and drew me into their lives from the start. I could feel the emotions, which are so vividly described. Continue reading