Nameless (Books 1-6) by Dean Koontz ~ Series of Short #Thrillers #AudioBookReview #Suspense #FridayReads

Author: Dean Koontz

Performed by Edoardo Ballerini

Released: November 2019 on Audible 

Category: Collection of Novellas, Thriller, Suspense, Audiobook, Book Review


If our memories make us who we are, who is a man without any? Nameless has only a gun, missions from a shadowy agency, and one dead aim: dispense justice when the law fails. As he moves from town to town, driven by splintered visions of the past and future, he’s headed toward the ultimate confrontation…

Nameless comprises six novella length stories (they can be bought separately) with hints of the supernatural and horror, about a man with no past.

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Guest Post ~ J Frank James, author of the Lou Malloy #crime series

J. Frank James is the author of The Lou Malloy Crime Series, which is expected to span 20 books. The series follows Lou Malloy, a hardened criminal who did 15 years in prison for the theft of $15 million, and his partner Hilary Kelly, a private investigator. 

Dead Money Run is the first book in The Lou Malloy Crime Series.

Why Be a Writer?

Just because you have decided to be a writer doesn’t mean you have to get it right. That’s what fiction is for. 

I always find it humorous when a reviewer will chastise a writer for stretching the facts in a work of fiction. For example, if a writer decides to call a lake a pond doesn’t mean the water has changed. The most important thing to remember as a writer is to remember to write. Without that in the equation you end up with nothing but hot air. 

I have heard it said often enough that writers are just storytellers. The first writers were not writers, but storytellers they were. 

In the good old days the wealthy had minstrels whose job was to entertain the rich were bundled up in their cold and dreary castles. In addition to singing and generally making fools of themselves, they told stories. To be a writer today I don’t advocate you make a fool of yourself, but I do advocate entertaining the reader. To do that you have to write with a sense of creativity to make your book interesting and fast paced. How to do that?  Continue reading