Time Was ~ Time and Again #1


  • TW2Author: Nora Roberts
  • Performed by Luke Daniels
  • Published: April 2015 by Brilliance Audio
  • Category: Romance, Time Travel
  • four-stars

Stranded in the present, time traveler Caleb Hornblower’s biggest problem isn’t returning to the twenty-third century – but falling head over heels for the beguiling Liberty Stone, who shows him a love more powerful than time itself. Though Caleb knows he belongs in the future, how can he leave the past, and Liberty, behind?

As Liberty Stone stood on the cabin’s porch watching the storm rage overhead she had no regrets about being tucked away in the Oregon mountains. A cultural anthropologist, she was spending time at the place of her birth to write her dissertation on the last five years of extensive research. She was looking forward to the solitude. Then she saw the light shoot across the sky and the unmistakable sound of a crash.

Caleb Hornblower, a freelance cargo pilot from the 23rd century, is on a routine flight home from Mars when he diverts to avoid a meteor shower and is catapulted through a time gateway. With instruments going wild, the cockpit in darkness and the pressure making him lose consciousness, his ship whirls towards the earth. As Libby races to where she believes a plane went down she finds Caleb injured by the side of the track and manages to get him back to the cabin. As she nurses Caleb back to health Libby attributes his sometimes strange behaviour as the result of the accident. Little does she know.

The cockpit lights went out, leaving only the whirl of kaleidoscopic colors from the instrument panel. His ship went into a spiral, tumbling end over end like a stone fired from a slingshot. Now the light was white, hot and brilliant. Instinctively he threw up an arm to shield his eyes. The sudden crushing pressure on his chest left him helpless to do more than gasp for breath.

I remember reading this book a long time ago. I think it was first published in the late 80’s or early 90’s as a Silhouette romance. I went for this newly released audio version because, well, it’s Luke Daniels and his narrations are always excellent, he always brings so much to his performance which enhances a story enormously.

Given the passage of years and the formula it followed, the story is a little dated. The dominant, could be seen as overpowering, male and the shy, virginal female, intelligent but naive, scenario could have been less than appealing but Nora Roberts handles it well. Her female characters and writing have evolved hugely since this was written but still, I like Libby and Cal and I’m glad Libby’s self assurance and nerve grows as the story progresses.

The time travel element gives the story an extra layer, even though the details are fairly vague. I imagine it was a precursor to the incredibly good In Death series which started around the same time, I think, and is written under Ms Roberts’ pseudonym, JD Robb. This series is also set in the future, although not so far, and is way more comprehensive. Caleb’s stunned and bemused reactions in finding himself transported back in time and faced with an antiquated lifestyle, including the cars and kitchen equipment, are credible and amusing. I like Libby’s parents and their interactions with Caleb. I’m giving the story a four star rating taking into account it’s twenty five or so years old. 

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The Rho Agenda Series ~ the audiobooks


An alien spaceship crash landed in the Mexican desert in 1948 and was taken in total secrecy to the Los Alamos laboratory under the code name of the Rho Project. Scientists have spent decades trying to unlock the alien technology. Some 60 years later the President admits the United States government withheld information about the spaceship.  But now the alien technology, or a select amount anyway, is about to be made public.

The sinister Deputy Director of the Rho project, Dr Donald Stephenson, has his own corrupt agenda however, illegally experimenting with the technology on human subjects.

Twins, Jennifer and Mark, and their best friend Heather stumble upon a hidden cave in a canyon. In the cave there’s something that has lain undiscovered for years, except by one man who believes it’s sign from God. No-one except him yet knows the three friends have found a second ship and it will change the course of their lives forever, in ways they could never imagine.


The imagery from Richard Phillips’ writing is strikingly vivid and breathes life into the story, emotionally and visually. He takes the ‘what ifs’ and interprets it in an exciting way, as a fascinating and intriguing science fiction storyline. It’s certainly not beyond the bounds of possibility that governments could and more than likely do withhold information from the public.

The characters are strong and have depth, the protagonists are likeable while the bad guys are most definitely not. I liked the introduction of Jack Gregory and Janet Price to the story, they’re great characters, and I believe their back stories are to be published later this year. 

It’s a well structured, fast paced and tense story with lots of threads running through which are woven together well and lead on to book two.

The second instalment of the Rho Agenda series finds Heather, Mark and Jennifer plunging deeper into the complexity of the alien powers they’ve acquired with their visits to the Second Ship. They are assimilating and learning to use their enhanced abilities, gaining control and focus.

After the supposed suicide of Jonathan Riles, Jack and Janet and the rest of the NSA team are on a hit list put out by corrupt government officials. Jack and Janet barely escape, only with the help from an unexpected quarter.

Dr Stephenson’s use and exploitation of the power gained from the Rho Ship increases to a frightening extent as Raul’s situation becomes even more nightmarish and twisted.


As with the Second Ship the writing and descriptions in Immune are first-rate and the images and emotions conjured up are tangible. The strong character building continues with the three young protagonists drawn ever deeper into danger and evil conspiracies.

This story is much more dark and sinister with the horrific goings on in the tunnels under Henderson House, the release of the modified alien nano technology and the high level governmental corruption.

I love the introduction of Jim ‘Tall Bear’ Pino, a Native American reservation sheriff, to the story as well as Freddie Hagerman, an investigative journalist, who is instrumental to the story.

Richard Phillips’ characters are extremely well written and the intrigue and intricacy of the storyline fuels the tension and fascination as events unfold.

Dr Stephenson, imprisoned for his crimes, has been granted a pardon. He has initiated the threat of an anomaly, a black hole, which would destroy the earth. Only the Rho Ship technology can stop it. In return for his freedom Dr Stephenson consents to creating a wormhole in order to push the threat through, far away in space where it can do no harm. His plan all along.

Mark, Jennifer and Heather have been undergoing an intense training program under the supervision of Jack and Janet. The relationship between them all deepens considerably as they spend more time together. 

Their secret Bolivian hideout is compromised after the three teens could stand it no longer and contacted their parents. They will need all of their new survival and enhanced skills in the days and months to come.


This is an utterly compelling series, everything comes together in Wormhole, the tense and riveting third instalment of the Rho Agenda series. The evil Dr Stephenson is, of course,still  working to his own agenda which is hidden beneath his creation of the wormhole.

It’s down to Jennifer, Mark and Heather to stop Dr Stephenson, whatever it takes and now they also have poor Raul with his terrible mutilations and increasing madness to contend with. All of which results in an epic battle and a horrifying and sad outcome for one of the teens. Very emotional plot details and one of those stories that will stay with me for quite a while.

The description of the treatment Heather, Mark and Jen were subjected to in the secret government facility is shocking in the extreme. The whole premise gives rise to questions about what goes on behind governmental doors, how far they would go and how little is actually known by the general public. Are their decisions always made for the greater good?

I’m really hoping this is not the end and we get to follow all the teens again at some point. I’d like to know more about baby Robbie too with the intriguing little hint about his imaginary friend.


MacLeod Andrews gives insight and personality to the characters  which adds to a superb narration, you know exactly who is speaking, the pacing and characterization expertly done.

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