#SpotlightFeature ~ Mollie Mack: Private Detective by @LindaDobinson27 #Giveaway @rararesources #ChildrensFiction

Today I have a spotlight feature for my slot on the blog tour for Mollie Mack: Private Detective, courtesy of Rachel’s Random Resources.

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#SpotlightFeature ~ Insightful: Life Advice for Young Adults to Succeed by Michael Lezcano #Nonfiction #SelfHelp

Michael Lezcano is a writer based in Miami, Florida. His writing is focused on helping individuals in different aspects of their lives. His passion for helping people (primarily young adults) is his main motive for writing. Michael really connects and resonates with his audience by writing about his own personal life experiences.

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#SpotlightFeature ~ Adonias Low by D. A. Watson Welcome to Napa Valley, California, 1891. @davewatsonbooks @rararesources #TuesdayBookBlog

I’m delighted to share a spotlight feature for Adonias Low, courtesy of Rachel’s Random Resources.

Adonias Low

Murder. Robbery. Kidnapping.

Welcome to Napa Valley, California, 1891.

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#SpotlightFeature ~ Baby Aviva Orangutan Diva by Hans Kullberg @AvivasDaddy #ChildrensFiction #BabyAviva

I’m delighted to shine the spotlight on a wonderful children’s book, Baby Aviva Orangutan Diva.

‘A beautifully illustrated, rhyming children’s book about female heroism, teamwork, finding inner courage and staying true to one’s self to conquer fears and overcome long odds.’


‘Journey through the Jungle where the Baby Aviva’s bravery and ingenuity saves her family and friends from the perilous fate of hunger.

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#SpotlightFeature ~ Foraging For Murder by Simon Whaley #CosyMurderMystery @simonwhaley @rararesources

I’m delighted to share a spotlight feature for the blog tour organised by Rachel’s Random Resources

Foraging For Murder


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#SpotlightFeature ~ Simply Flower Arranging: A Step-By-Step Guide by @JudithBlacklock #Flowers #FlowerArranging @eejarman

I was intrigued when I was approached by Emma Jarmon to see if I’d be interested in featuring this book. I love flowers, and enjoy them in the house, but am all thumbs when it comes to anything creative. Having said that, I will be trying (being the operative word) to give some of these a go…

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#SpotlightFeature #Extract ~ Right Once Again by @SummeritaRhayne #TuesdayBookBlog

Today I have a short extract to share from the new romance by Summerita Rhayne…


‘There is too much in our past, Adith.’ She shook her head. ‘You would never be able to forgive me and as for understanding…if I had any hope, don’t you think I would have tried?’

To her surprise, he stayed quiet. He didn’t argue that she should have tried. Then she realized he was so set on the next step he was going to bide his time. Like a patient jaguar. She saw it in his eyes, eyes that had always fascinated her. Brown and grey, intense or light depending on his mood and they showed varied shades now.

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#SpotlightFeature ~ Ballad of Jasmine Wills by Lee Rozelle #Extract #NewRelease #Satire


The Tallapoochee Farmers Bank opens at 8.00 a.m., and every morning Jasmine sits in her car and waits for Kay-Lee to come open the door. At the edge of the Tallapoochee National Forest, the morning air holds traces of ragwort, dogwood, and these vagrant pink flowers that pop up at the edge of the road. Oxeye daisies clinging to gravel lean in the wind as the trains clank by. Alabama is beautiful like that, like flowers clinging to gravel. Like Jasmine.

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Blog Tour #SpotlightFeature ~ The New Land by Daisy Bourne #Fantasy @RoseGriffin14 @rararesources

Today the spolight is on Daisy Bourne and her novel, The New Land, the first book in The Tales of Avalon series, courtesy of Rachel’s Random Resources.

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#SpotlightFeature ~ The Arcane by Andrew S. French #SupernaturalThriller #TuesdayBookBlog @andrewfrench100 @rararesources

For my stop on the blog tour for The Arcane, a supernatural thriller, I have a spotlight feature courtesy of Rachel’s Random Resources.


Here’s what the book is about…

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