Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge ~ Sunrise & Sunset #Photography

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week the topic is Sunset to Sunrise (including any nighttime photography)

Sunrise over the North Sea from the Northumberland coast

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Beautiful #Northumberland #Photography #Sunrise

A stunning sunrise this morning from our holiday cottage a stone’s throw from the beach. I love being able to hear the waves rolling up the sand 🙂

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Lovely morning ~ #Clouds #Sunrise #Photography

20150518_181045I managed to persuade (with promises of treats) the couch potato to vacate his chair for our morning constitutional and off we went. It was a lovely morning, clear and cold, the wind icy and the sun just rising. As the sky began to lighten I kicked myself for not having my camera with me. The rising sun touched the clouds with such beautiful colours so I had to do the best I could with my phone.  Continue reading