Terry Tyler met a few people this weekend that you might recognise!

Rosie Amber

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Guess Who I Met Last Weekend!

We’d been planning it for months, and the day finally came!

I think we first talked about it in May; it was so hard to find a weekend we could all make… so, on October 10th, I went to Sheffield to meet four friends from Rosie Amber’s Book Blog ~ I was so intrigued to meet the lady for whom I’ve been reviewing books since last Christmas, the mysterious Rosie (!), along with three others: Cathy Ryan (from Between The Lines book blog), Barb Taub and Alison Williams.  Before this post gets too filled up with links, I’ll just say that a click on their names leads to their Twitter pages and all links to blogs that I haven’t already included, etc!

Sheffield, why Sheffield?  We chose this city because it was mid way between us all – we were…

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