A Day at the UK #Wolf Conservation Trust #Photography

From very small beginnings the UK Wolf Conservation Trust was formed. Passionate about animals and after a visit to Alaska, Roger Palmer acquired his first, few days old, wolf cub. He and his wife kept wolves privately until they set up the Conservation Trust in the 90s, inspired by the late Dr Erich Klinghammer, a wolf biologist in Indiana.

The trust is dedicated to increasing public awareness, raising money for conservation projects and research worldwide as well as providing education programmes for all ages. The staff are very friendly, knowledgable and helpful. Some of the wolves have been hand reared, others socialized from a young age and are very calm and used to people.

So now to the wolves…

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Meet Tundra..

My newly adopted wolf! I’ve been meaning to do this since forever…


How beautiful is she? Stunning Tundra is three years old and lives at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust with her brother, Nuka, and sister, Tala. They are the Beenham Pack, which is one of several packs at the trust, and Tundra is the dominant female.

IMG_2158      IMG_2153

Photos courtesy of UKWCT

The aims of the Trust are to enhance public awareness of wild wolves and their place in our ecosystem. Also to provide opportunities for research, education programmes and fundraising to help conservation projects around the world.

How wolves can change an ecosystem – found on http://www.iflscience.com