Flashback Friday ~ Shadow the Wolf Cub #animals #nature #wolf

Flashback to eight years ago when I found this video clip of a gorgeous two month old grey wolf cub at the San Diego zoo. Shadow was spending time in the children's zoo nursery while completing quarantine before becoming a wolf ambassador at the zoo.  How anyone can hunt and kill these, or any animal, … Continue reading Flashback Friday ~ Shadow the Wolf Cub #animals #nature #wolf

Cute Wolf Cub Playing

A video clip from the San Diego zoo. I tried reblogging this from another site but it didn’t work for some reason. Anyway, I found it on YouTube.. http://youtu.be/XypJqDYqwnw Shadow is spending time in the Children’s Zoo nursery while he is completing his quarantine, he’ll then live at Wegeforth Bowl and be a wolf ambassador.