Workshop with #norfolkwildencounters #BirdsofPrey & Cambrian #Photography

It was a beautiful day in a lovely location, the sun shining and the sky cloudless. I hope I remember the names of the birds correctly. Norfolk Wild Encounters do a great job rescuing, rearing and rehabilitating these amazing creatures.

Above is a baby Eagle Owl, hand reared and very friendly. 

The photos below are of a Tawny Owl.

The Harris Hawk didn’t seem in the mood for flight and spent his time running along the ground after a couple of half-hearted attempts to get airborne.

Didn’t quite master the settings for the Barn Owl in flight. This was the best of a bad bunch.

I think this is a young Horned Owl

The Raven posed for his close up.

A tiny Burrowing Owl

The Kestrel resting after flight and a cute youngster.

And the Buzzard

Last but not least the majestic and mesmerising Great Grey Owl.

23 thoughts on “Workshop with #norfolkwildencounters #BirdsofPrey & Cambrian #Photography

  1. Beautiful images Cathy, what a wonderful workshop with these amazing birds! You have captured their facial expressions so well and the weather looks glorious too. Enjoy the rest of your day and much love to you and Finn xxx

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    • Thank you 🙂 There’s lots I don’t do 😀 the main thing being I don’t have a job so I’ve plenty of time. I have nothing but admiration for those who run a blog as well as working full time. Good to see you back.

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