A Visit to Powis Castle #Photography #Medieval

Castell Powys (in Welsh) was built around 1200 as a medieval fortress sitting in a hugely elevated position on the Welsh borders and is now in the care of the National Trust. No photography is allowed inside so the following images are from the impressive tiered garden with far reaching views. You can find out more here.

Unfortunately my leg wasn’t up to the climb down and back up the tiers which comprised the gardens but here are some of the beautiful flowers on the the top level.

A variety of marigold and maybe gaillardia? 

The California Tree Poppy and below that strawflower and hibiscus. I had to resort to google so do let me know if any are wrongly named

The uninterupted views would have given plenty warning of danger.

Can you just make out the tiny figures in the garden below.

15 thoughts on “A Visit to Powis Castle #Photography #Medieval

  1. Hi Cathy – I’m always fascinated by castles and how old they are. Were you able to tour this one from the inside even though you couldn’t take pictures? I’m curious about the inside looks like! Thanks for sharing your pictures – hope your leg is feeling better!

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  2. Beautiful images Cathy and it looks like a wonderful place to visit! 💛 Hope your leg will be feeling better soon and we wish you all a blessed rest of the weekend 🤗💕🐕 xxx

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    1. Thank you, Xenia 🤗 I’m getting back to normal, hopefully tomorrow will be the last physio session and I’ll be keeping well out of Flynn’s way when he’s having zoomies in future 🙄 Have a lovely rest of the day 💚🐕💚xxx

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      1. Thank you Cathy 💖 I didn’t realise your injury was zoomie-related! Hope you continue to feel better and better 🙏💚💫 xxx

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      2. Yes, Flynn decided not to stop and crashed into my leg back in March, so it’s taken quite a while for the fracture to heal. Than you for the good wishes 🤗💕xxx

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