Abandoned Pennsylvania by Janine Pendleton #Photography #AbandonedPlaces @ObsidianUrbex #TuesdayBookBlog

Author: Janine Pendleton

Published: December 2019 by Fonthill Media LLc

Category: Photography, Abandoned Places, US History, Book Review


The cities of Pennsylvania are littered with the redundant relics. Behind closed doors and hidden deep in forests, there are decaying secrets waiting to be discovered. At the start of the twentieth century, migrants were drawn to the up-and-coming industrial giant that was Pennsylvania. There were jobs and opportunities aplenty. Then, the economic bubble burst. Factories and steel mills closed, one by one. Families left in droves in search of work and a better life elsewhere. After the mass exodus, a wealth of infrastructure was rendered obsolete. Abandoned churches lay discarded, as small scattered congregations merge together. Schools and hospitals are left to rot. Forgotten theatres, once hosting sell-out performances, now lay silent and lost. The steam locomotives and trolley cars lie rusting and disused, obsolete in the face of new technology. One by one, these hidden treasures are lost as time and the world moves on around them. This book explores the beauty that lies in these forgotten places, often hiding in plain site on the streets of Pennsylvania.

Abandoned Places is a fascinating look at dereliction. Janine Pendleton has travelled through Pennsylvania, discovering abandoned and decaying objects, buildings and structures. Some beautiful, now derelict, buildings that must have been amazing in their heyday and still have a particular charm – churches and theatres among them – and even a VW graveyard.

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#SundayStills ~ #Early Morning is the Best Time #Sunrise #Flowers #Nature #Photography

Welcome to the Sunday Stills feature created and hosted by Terri Webster Schrandt 

This week’s theme is ‘early’.  Early mornings aren’t for everyone but I love them. Little to no traffic and hardly any people around, beautiful sunrises and birdsong.

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