Views From Stirling #Castle #Photography

Stirling Castle’s elevated position on top of Castle Hill guarantees outstanding views of the river and surrounding countryside,

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A Day at the UK #Wolf Conservation Trust #Photography

From very small beginnings the UK Wolf Conservation Trust was formed. Passionate about animals and after a visit to Alaska, Roger Palmer acquired his first, few days old, wolf cub. He and his wife kept wolves privately until they set up the Conservation Trust in the 90s, inspired by the late Dr Erich Klinghammer, a wolf biologist in Indiana.

The trust is dedicated to increasing public awareness, raising money for conservation projects and research worldwide as well as providing education programmes for all ages. The staff are very friendly, knowledgable and helpful. Some of the wolves have been hand reared, others socialized from a young age and are very calm and used to people.

So now to the wolves…

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In Honour of #Remembrance Day ~ Poppies at The Tower

In honour of Remembrance, or Veteran’s, Day I thought I’d repost the photos from my visit to the Tower of London marking the centenary year of Britain’s involvement in WWI. This incredible and moving display paid tribute to British and Commonwealth soldiers killed in the war. Ceramic poppies were ‘planted’ encircling the Tower of London, each poppy representing a fallen soldier. It was a spectacular and very poignant sight which grew and grew over the weeks, until there was hardly any green to be seen.

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