A House Divided (Munro #2) by @margaretskea1 #BookReview for #RBRT Historical Fact/Fiction #FridayReads

Author: Margaret Skea

Published: May 2017 by Corazon Books

Category: Historical, Saga, Fiction, Book Review

Eleven years on from the Massacre of Annock, the Cunninghame / Montgomerie truce is fragile.

For the Munro family, living in hiding under assumed names, these are dangerous times.

While Munro risks his life daily in the service of the French King, the spectre of discovery by William Cunninghame haunts his wife Kate. Her fears for their children and her absent husband realized as William’s desire for revenge tears their world apart.

Following on from Turn Of The Tide, A House Divided picks up the story of the Munro family several years after they were forced to fake their own deaths in a fire at their home, in order to escape the machinations of William Cunninghame, heir to the Earl of Glencairn. Munro is now fighting with the Scots Gardes in the service of the French King at Amiens, while Kate and the children are living under the protection of Elizabeth and Hugh Mongomerie at Braidstane. Kate has changed her family’s name to Grant as a further safety measure, as her reputation as a healer midwife and wise woman spreads. The Cunninghame/Montgomerie feud, although dormant for the time being, still smoulders and it would take little to fan the flames. 

Kate is called to minister to Margaret Maxwell, wife of Patrick, who is a supporter of the Cunninghames and friend to William. Margaret is physically abused by her husband and although it places Kate in danger should Maxwell recognise her, she couldn’t refuse her help. An unlucky chance brings Kate and her daughter, Maggie, into contact with Maxwell, who notices something familiar about them. 

‘The wise woman from. From Irvine. She had the sound of Kate Munro.’

‘Kate Munro is dead these six years, with her lout of a husband and the brats.’ William licked his lips as if in pleasure at the memory. ‘All courtesy of reivers. Saved us the bother and the repercussions. Though,’ it was as if something tugged at William’s memory also, ‘they did have a bairn, red-headed and feisty. She was but a wee bit thing when I saw here,’ he rubbed at his shin with his boot, ‘and though with a temper to match her hair, I had room to regret her passing.’

‘A sister, or cousin perhaps?’ Maxwell was worrying at the thought like a dog with a bone, unwilling to give it up, unaware of William’s increasing irritation, which had sobered him sufficiently to follow Maxwell’s train of thought.

When Kate is summoned to Edinburgh at the behest of King James to attend Queen Anne, who has suffered several miscarriages and wants to take all the precautions and advice she can with her latest pregnancy. Unfortunately for Kate, she can’t refuse and the danger of being seen by Maxwell or William is very real. She has allies in John Shaw, Alexander and Hugh Montgomerie and John Cunninghame who, although he is William’s uncle, despises the fact. And certainly not least, she has the ear of the Queen. But will this be enough to keep her safe?

Margaret Skea skilfully weaves fact and fiction together to create a complex, credible and fascinating story, without glossing over the more harrowing aspects of life in the late 16th century. Balancing the cruelty and betrayals, is kindness, courage and loyalty. Nevertheless it’s a dangerous time, rife with intrigue and revenge fuelled by hatred. Plenty twists and enough activity between events in Ayrshire and Edinburgh keep up the tension and suspense in this compelling storyline.

A House Divided is a seamless continuation of a comprehensive saga which includes Scottish history, the Witch Hunt of 1597 and the French Wars of Religion. Very well paced and extremely well written, with settings and lifestyle as vivid as the believable and well defined characters. The final chapters couldn’t be more atmospheric and grim, building to a terrifying and dramatic conclusion. Recommended for those who enjoy a historical fact/fiction mix.

I chose to read and review A House Divided  for Rosie Amber’s book review team, based on a digital copy from the author/publisher. 

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Margaret Skea grew up in Northern Ireland during the ‘Troubles’, but now lives in Scotland. Her passion is for authentic, atmospheric fiction, whether historical or contemporary. An award-winning novelist and short story writer, her credits include: The Beryl Bainbridge Award for Best 1st Time Novelist 2014 (Turn of the Tide), and longlist in the Historical Novel Society New Novel Award 2016 (A House Divided). These novels are the first two in a series of Scottish historical fiction following the fortunes of a fictional family trapped in real events in the 16th century. Her short stories have won or been placed in many competitions, including: Fish, Mslexia, Winchester, Rubery and Neil Gunn.

She is now back to working on the third novel in her Scottish series and hopes to have it and the conclusion of Katharina’s story out next year.

Author links ~  Website | Facebook | Twitter

#ThrowbackThursday ~ Chump Change (Leo Waterman #8) by GM Ford #Audiobook #Suspense

Renee at It’s Book Talk began this meme as a way to share favourite books going back over the years. Or perhaps those that are languishing on the to be read pile for whatever reason.

I’ve really enjoyed this series so far, Chump Change is number 8 of 10. It began way back in 1995 with a big gap of no books between 2000 and 2012, which is when the audios started to become available. I hope there will be more.

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#BookReview for The Last Friend by Harvey Church #BlogTour @CarolineBookBit #TuesdayBookBlog #Mystery

Welcome to my Blog Tour stop for The Last Friend by Harvey Church. 

It’s fifteen years since Donovan Glass’ daughter Elizabeth was abducted and six years since his wife took her own life. Since then Donovan has become a recluse, unable to move forward. Life has lost its meaning and hope is no longer an option.

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UK2 (Project Renova Book 3) by Terry Tyler #PostApocalyptic @TerryTyler4 #BookReview

Author: Terry Tyler

Kindle Edition

Category: Post Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Book Review

The pace steps up in this final instalment of the Project Renova trilogy, as the survivors’ way of life comes under threat.

Two years after the viral outbreak, representatives from UK Central arrive at Lindisfarne to tell the islanders about the shiny new city being created down south.  UK2 governor Verlander’s plan is simple: all independent communities are to be dissolved, their inhabitants to reside in approved colonies.  Alas, those who relocate soon suspect that the promises of a bright tomorrow are nothing but smoke and mirrors, as great opportunities turn into broken dreams, and dangerous journeys provide the only hope of freedom.

Meanwhile, far away in the southern hemisphere, a new terror is gathering momentum…

UK2, the third full length book in the Project Renova series, indicates a change is coming sooner rather than later with a visit from a UK Central contingent.

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#ThrowbackThursday ~ #BookReview of Cold Cold Heart by @TamiHoag #MurderMystery #Thriller

Renee at It’s Book Talk began this meme as a way to share old favourites, as well as books that were published over a year ago. Not to mention those that are languishing on the to be read pile for whatever reason.

Another audiobook review this week ~ Cold Cold Heart by Tami Hoag was released in January 2015 by Brilliance Audio and narrated by Julia Whelan.

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The Fourth Gunman (Jack Bertolino #4) by John Lansing #Thriller #BookReview @jelansing #TuesdayBookBlog

Author: John Lansing

Published: March 2018 by Gallery Books/Karen Hunter Publishing

Category: Crime, Thriller, Suspense, Book Review

Retired inspector Jack Bertolino straddles two perilous worlds. Known for his impeccable police work, Jack has also done a priceless favor for an infamous Mafia Don: he saved the gangster’s kidnapped daughter from being sold into the sex trade, and brought her safely home.

In Jack’s line of work, he can’t help but have friends—and enemies—on both sides of the law.

The Fourth Gunman brings Jack Bertolino back into Vincent Cardona’s orbit when the FBI ask for his help. Cardona is in Jack’s debt after he saved Cardona’s daughter, Angelica, from a terrible fate. FBI Agent Liz Hunter’s brother has been working as an undercover agent, infiltrating Cardona’s inner circle. Now Luke Hunter has gone missing from Cardona’s exclusive illegal gambling super yacht, the Bella Fortuna, along with half a million dollars of mob money.

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The Ghost In You: A First-Hand Account from Beyond the Grave by Katrina Mountfort #SupernaturalFiction @curlykats #YA

Author: Katrina Mountfort

Published: February 2018 by Elsewhen Press

Category: Supernatural, Romance, Fiction, Book Review

What do you do if you’re dead but haven’t ‘moved on’? 

You keep finding yourself back where you died, with very little control over when; sometimes you can be away for days, weeks or even months, and then you’re back. Between times, when you’re ‘away’, where do you go, what do you do? You’ve seen some other ghosts asleep at their graves, but you don’t even know where your own grave is.

After an accident which left her with terrible facial scars, nineteen year old Rowena spends most of her spare time helping others. Two of her favourite people are her landlady, Marjorie, and her best friend, Kirsty, who is waiting for a bone marrow transplant.

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The Chess Men (Lewis Trilogy #3) by @authorpetermay #AudioBookReview #FridayReads

Author: Peter May

Performed by Peter Forbes

Category: Crime, Drama, Murder, Mystery, AudioBook, Book Review

Released on Audible 2013, Published by Quercus Publishing PLC

Fin Macleod, now head of security on a privately owned Lewis estate, is charged with investigating a spate of illegal game-hunting taking place on the island. This mission reunites him with Whistler Macaskill—a local poacher, Fin’s teenage intimate, and possessor of a long-buried secret. But when this reunion takes a violent, sinister turn, Fin realizes that revealing the truth could destroy the future.

In another life Fin Macleod was a Detective Inspector in Edinburgh. That life is behind him now as he returns permanently to his roots on The Isle of Lewis and his first girlfriend, Marsaili, who is also the mother of his son.

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