A Wish for Jinnie (Cranley Wishes Book 1) by Audrey Davis #RomCom meets #Fantasy @audbyname #TuesdayBookBlog

41FoMLH9nXLAuthor: Audrey Davis

Published: June 2020 by Tanzanite Books

Category: Romantic Comedy, Fantasy


Do you ever feel that life has got it in for you? Jinnie Cooper certainly does.

Unlucky in love, broke and exiled to a sleepy Scottish village, she really needs to shake things up.

When she gains possession of a battered old lamp, Jinnie’s world changes in ways she could never have imagined. With her affections divided between two men, can her unlikely housemate help – or hinder – the path to happiness?

After being dumped by her fickle fiancé Jinnie Cooper has relocated to the small village of Cranley. She needs to start over and the first priority is finding a job. The employment opportunities don’t look too promising initially but thanks to a heads up from local cafe owner, Jo, Jinnie secures a part time job in the village antique shop owned by the handsome Sam.

Working at the antique shop wasn’t taxing, and Sam was pretty easy on the eye, but Jinnie enjoyed tidying the place up and reorganising the stock so it showed to its best advantage. She had also found a few bits and pieces she thought would brighten up the cottage. Her bag of swag included a battered old oil lamp she’d taken a fancy to.

At home, she gave the lamp a quick rub with her sleeve before leaving for a weekend away, just missing the thump, thump from the lamp. A few days later she picked up the sorry looking lamp. She couldn’t do much about the dents but a good clean would work wonders. How right she was, but not in the way she meant.

Carefully she squeezed a dollop of polish onto the cloth and began rubbing. Immediately a patch of shiny gold appeared and … hang on … was it her imagination, or did the lamp just move? Tentatively Jinnie rubbed the lamp again, and it vibrated in her hand.

In her wildest imaginings Jinnie hadn’t factored in anything like Dhassim and, now he was here, how would he and his wish granting ability impact her life. It’s not as if she could confide in anyone – they’d think she was nuts at best, at worst that she had serious problems.

There’s a host of likeable and well drawn characters in this fun romantic comedy meets fantasy, apart from Jinnie. There’s Jo who owns and runs the local cafe and bakery, Ken and his son, Ed, from the pub, who are navigating a very difficult situation. Jinnie’s gran is a one off, and of course there’s Dhassim.

An amusing, entertaining and feel good read which includes some weighty, sad and thought provoking issues. But most of all the friendships, kindness and community shine through.

I chose to read and review A Wish for Jinnie based on a copy kindly supplied by the author .


AudreyDavisAudrey Davis is a Scottish-born former journalist, now resident in Switzerland. Her newspaper career saw her cover events in Northern Ireland and the Falkland Islands, as well as working for a London-based movie magazine writing reviews and carrying out interviews.

She self-published her debut romantic comedy novel A Clean Sweep in June 2017, following an online Open University course in Writing Fiction.

Audrey followed up with a short, darker prequel A Clean Break before beginning work on a rom-com novella trilogy with a ghostly twist – The Haunting of Hattie Hastings. Again, reviews across the board were excellent, and it was combined into a standalone novel in November 2018.

A Wish For Jinnie is her third standalone novel.

Apart from writing, Audrey enjoys travel and spends a lot of time in Edinburgh. She is an avid cook, watcher of scary movies and reluctant gym-goer.

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