Boscastle, Cornwall ~ Easter Sunday

We were very lucky with the weather – and the traffic! Hardly any, although Boscastle itself was quite busy with Easter Egg hunts, and the Boscastle Boys were on hand to entertain with their Sea Shanties 🙂


The river leading down to the tiny harbour. Hopefully there will never be a repeat of the devastating flood of 2004.






I found this incredible footage of the flood on YouTube

Museum of Witchcraft and the sculpture of Pan.



On the way back we called in at Tintagel, unfortunately we didn’t have time for the trek to the Castle ruins, which have a link to the legend of King Arthur. Next time. We did see this building though which was a yeoman’s cottage 600 years ago. It served as Tintagel’s Post Office before being taken over by the Nation Trust. Check out that roof!



12 thoughts on “Boscastle, Cornwall ~ Easter Sunday

    1. Thanks Rosie. We didn’t go this time, it was closed for Easter but I’ve been before. There are some weird and wonderful things in there.


  1. Looks like a terrific day. I absolutely love the Boscastle Boys! And the Pan ‘statue’. But OMG–that flood. If you saw it in a disaster movie, you’d think it was over the top.


  2. What a beautiful town, and that video of the flood was terrifying. Flood waters are nasty and dangerous, not to mention how destructive they are. It is a miracle that no one was killed.


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