Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire

A lovely and charming place to visit with the river winding through the heart of the town. The medieval old Town Bridge, built originally in the 13th century and widened in the 17th century, still has two of the original arches. The small attached building was a lock-up which held two cells for prisoners waiting to be brought before the magistrate.


The church tower and spire were built in the 1400s.


There are a few timber built houses dating from Tudor times but the majority of buildings are stone, like the old textile mills which still line the banks of the river.


Some views from the river walk…

Bradford9 Bradford8 Bradford6

And one of the lovely old buildings in it’s new life as a restaurant and tea room.


And mama swan making sure her eggs are all tucked in the nest


26 thoughts on “Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire

  1. Oh Cathy, what a fabulous place. Here in the U.S. we have nothing even close to that in age or quaintness. Whisk me away and let me land here. Hugs, my dear friend.


  2. Hi Cathy, Beautiful photographs, Cathy.Have given a talk at the library here. It’s a lovely place near to where my friend lives in Box. Love Corsham as well. Any photos of there?


    1. Hi Judith, thank you 🙂 We used to drive through Box on route to Bath when we lived in Oxfordshire but no photos. I haven’t been to Corsham but it’s now of the list of places to visit!

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  3. Gorgeous photos. BoA is very close to my home when I am in the UK. Seeing these make me feel quite homesick! Do you live here?


  4. What beautiful photos. I teach about England, and I’ve been there.
    Thank you for visiting my site on Tuesday. I’m sorry I couldn’t get over until now. It was my birthday week. I’m glad you liked my post “Do You Make These 3 Blogging Mistakes?”
    Nice to meet you.

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