#SundayStills ~ Images and Memories #Vivid #Photography

Welcome to the Sunday Stills feature hosted by Terry Webster Schrandt.


The theme this week is Vivid. According to the dictionary vivid is a word that can describe something that ‘produces a strong or clear impression on the senses’, ‘an intensely deep or bright colour’ and ‘very clear, powerful and detailed images’

That second description took me back immediately to when our grandson was born. I had ‘the’ phone call from our daughter at 11pm one night. At that time we were living in the south and our daughter in the north. A mad dash up the M5 and M6 got me to the hospital in time for the birth. It was an intense, amazing and emotional experience.

One of the beautiful sunrises in Llandudno. I saw many on early morning dog walks.


The tulips and gorse add vivid splashes of colour to garden visits and walks.

Although it doesn’t look it, the day was quite bright which seemed to insensify the whiteness of the snow.


The sunset on the left was taken from Newborough beach on Anglesey looking out towards Llanddwyn Island. On the right one of the wonderful sunsets that can been seen from Llanddwyn Island.

Quite a dramatic sunset, again in Llandudno


I love the vibrancy and beautiful colours of the marigold and Himalayan blue poppy

29 thoughts on “#SundayStills ~ Images and Memories #Vivid #Photography

  1. Your photos are gorgeous!! Your grandson is adorable, what an exciting story to go and meet him! I want grandchildren really badly, but my children aren’t cooperating.

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