Alpha Wanted ~ The Complete Serial

  • Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00024]Author: Justine Winter
  • Kindle Edition, released March 2015
  • Category: Paranormal, Romance
  • four-stars

Agent Kira ‘Midnight’ Knight is a force to be reckoned with at the Paranormal Division of the Secret Intelligence Service. She’s a fierce werewolf, highly intelligent and maintains quite a smart mouth.

Lieutenant Colonel Ryker ‘Storm’ West commands a small team of elite werewolf soldiers, including his Military Working Dog, Nero. He’s logical, loyal and deadly.

When the Director of P.D.S.I.S assigns Kira the task of recruiting Ryker to the agency, conflict soon compromises the logistics of an easy case. With a fiery relationship bubbling between them, they’re faced with a tough decision.

Follow orders or follow their heart.

* This is a 3-part serial. *

Kira Knight, codename: Midnight, an agent with the Paranormal Division of the Secret Intelligence Service is on surveillance duty. Her orders are to bring in Lieutenant Colonel Ryker West, codename: Storm. As a werewolf, Ryker has reached maturity and consequently has not aged for the last hundred years. Working with that fact, Nina Fox, the director of the PDSIS thought the issue of his age would be enough to sway him but Ryker was adamant. He would not abandon his team of elite werewolf soldiers, who are also his good friends. Ryker is recently back from a tour of duty with his team and personal Military Working Dog, German Shepherd Nero, with whom he has a deep-rooted connection. Continue reading