The Target ~ An Agent Dallas Thriller #2

  • TargetAuthor: L J Sellers
  • Published: April 2014 by Spellbinder Press
  • Category: Crime/Thriller/Mystery
  • four-stars

Agent Jamie Dallas loves undercover assignments that get her out of the Phoenix Bureau. But her new case is risky—an FBI agent is mysteriously dead, and a medical device company is targeting competitors with dangerous acts of sabotage. Dallas infiltrates TecLife, spies on her new bosses, and tries to steal a sample of their mutant bacteria. But soon her life is in danger when she’s caught in a battle between companies, each hoping to kill the competition while launching a billion-dollar blockbuster.

Meanwhile, a famous actor is found beaten and murdered in an abandoned cannery, and a young detective lands the case of a lifetime. Determined to bring justice to his favorite star, Detective Cortez follows a trail of evidence that leads to the medical-product war—but he has no idea how deadly it is. Can Dallas survive long enough to stop a researcher who’s gone over the edge and save millions of consumers from getting caught in the crossfire?

Agent Jamie Dallas’ new assignment involves investigating corporate intrigue, suspicious deaths and sabotage in the field of medical technology. She loves the excitement and even the danger, thriving on the thrill of undercover work. She still has problems with long-term relationships and is happy to sever any romantic ties when a job comes along.

The ins and outs of the Biotech industry are detailed and well researched. It’s interesting and quite scary to explore how far companies might go in the race to become the first to launch a product and how vulnerable the public can be when unscrupulous people are involved. The rewards and accolades are naturally very high and it’s a game where murder isn’t too high a price as Dallas finds out to her cost.

Lots of action and suspense and we get to meet Agent Carla (neé Carl) Rivers again. Dallas and Rivers are interesting characters, both had difficult formative years and are dealing, or trying to, with the consequences.

Another good read from L J Sellers. I like the way she incorporates two intertwining story lines which are always woven together well.

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