TH1RT3EN (Eddie Flynn Book 4) by Steve Cavanagh ~ #FridayReads Excellent Courtroom Thriller #NetGalley #ThatBookThatHook

Author: Steve Cavanagh

Published: January 2018 by Orion

Category: Legal Thriller, Crime, Murder, Suspense, Book Review

They were Hollywood’s hottest power couple. They had the world at their feet. Now one of them is dead and Hollywood star Robert Solomon is charged with the brutal murder of his beautiful wife.

This is the celebrity murder trial of the century and the defence want one man on their team: con artist turned lawyer Eddie Flynn.

Thirteen is by far my favourite of the series so far. Legal thrillers don’t get any better and with the tagline….What if the killer isn’t on trial? What if the killer is on the jury? I couldn’t wait to read it.

Eddie Flynn, engaging conman turned lawyer, is approached by Rudy Carp, official celebrity litigator, who has a proposition….would Eddie like to take second chair on a high profile murder case. Movie star Robert Solomon has been accused of murdering his wife and their security guard. Carp believes he’s innocent, framed by law enforcement. Eddie is initially undecided. He has plans to try and rebuild his marriage and take a safe job that wouldn’t put his family in jeopardy, as they had been in the past. It doesn’t seem a likely scenario as trouble seems to follow Eddie wherever he goes.

Eddie has already proved, with the cross-examination of a detective on the witness stand, that there is at least one corrupt officer in the NYPD. After retaliation by said detective and, after meeting Bobby Solomon, Eddie decides to accept Carp’s offer regardless of the fact he’ll take the fall if he fails to prove the evidence has been manipulated.

An innocent man, falsely accused, looks the same in Nigeria, Ireland, Iceland, you name it. If you’ve seen that look before, you never forget it. It’s rare to see that look. When it’s there — the person may as well have their innocence tattooed on their forehead. I guessed Rudy had seen it himself. That’s why he wanted me to meet Bobby. He knew I would see that innocence, and this would influence my decision more that reading the case file. 

Bobby Solomon wore that look. And I knew I had to help him.

With alternating chapters from Eddie’s and Joshua Kane’s points of view, we know from the start who the villain is. But what we don’t know yet is his agenda—what motivates him or the lengths he’ll go to. Kane is an incredibly calculating, clever and chilling psychopath, and not only because of his extremely rare condition. He’s ruthless, feels no remorse and manages to stay one step ahead—with a little help. 

The way the book is written, with so much attention to detail, makes the story very realistic. The reader is totally involved, seeing the proceedings, inside and outside the courtroom, from the jury’s perspective as well as that of the lawyers. There’s a lot going on with unexpected, misleading twists and plenty of action. Cleverly plotted, extremely well written, entertaining, with great dialogue and an original take on a dramatic courtroom thriller. I love the cover too.

I chose to read and review Thirteen via NetGalley, based on an advance reader copy of the book supplied by the author/publisher. 

Steve Cavanagh is a critically acclaimed, award-winning author and lawyer. He is also one half of the Two Crime Writers and a Microphone podcast. His latest novel, Thirteen, is out in ebook and paperback.

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