The Good Turn (Cormac Reilly Book 3) by @DervlaMcTiernan ~ #CrimeFiction set in #Ireland #FridayReads

Author: Dervla McTiernan

Performed by Aoife McMahon

Published: March 2020 by HarperCollins

Category: Contemporary Crime Fiction, AudioBook Review


While Detective Cormac Reilly faces enemies at work and trouble in his personal life, Garda Peter Fisher is relocated out of Galway with the threat of prosecution hanging over his head. But even that is not as terrible as having to work for his overbearing father, the local copper for the pretty seaside town of Roundstone.

There’s plenty going on in this third outing for Cormac Reilly. He is still having problems at the Galway Garda station. When a young girl is abducted, Superintendent Brian Murphy deliberately makes life difficult by refusing extra manpower on the pretext that the officers are out on much needed surveillance for drugs, although after all that time there was nothing to show for it.

Cormac is left with two inexperienced officers, and when he is unavailable while speaking to the family, his protégée, Garda Peter Fisher, is left in a quandary. Should he try and apprehend the suspect, hopefully before any harm comes to the girl, or wait and speak to Cormac.

‘I need a team. I need experienced officers, on the phones and on the ground, We’re taking about a child here.’ Brian Murphy, safely ensconced behind his desk, frowned and looked down at the pen he held in his right hand. Cormac felt a strong flicker of personal dislike, and tried to suppress it.

‘The task force—‘

‘The task force is sucking up resources we badly need. Things have gone too far there.’

A fatal shooting and the resulting threatened prosecution gives Murphy the ideal means to have Peter transferred. To add to Peter’s dismay, the transfer is to the small town of Roundstone where his estranged and domineering father is the police chief, even though it’s against garda regulations for a son to report to his father. 

Des Fisher assigns Peter routine tasks, including sorting out the paperwork for a closed case, which Peter realises is his father’s way of showing him he’s not impressed that Peter is a detective. But it gives Peter the opportunity to re-examine the case. In his opinion it was too readily resolved without every avenue being explored.

Meanwhile Cormac is being held responsible for events brought about by someone who is determined to ruin his reputation and career. Not only that, his personal life is not running smoothly either.

A subplot involves single mother, Anna and her young daughter, Tilly who hasn’t talked in months. They arrive in Roundstone for reasons that aren’t obvious, apart from the fact she’s running from something or someone. The connections between the plot threads don’t become clear until they’re revealed. The Good Turn is a compelling police procedural which includes among other things, corruption, unexplained deaths and work place relationships and interactions.

The wintery setting is wonderfully realised, I could feel the biting cold and hear the crunch of snow. The characters are realistic and easily imagined, very well drawn. Cormac and Peter are very similar in that they search for justice and truth, and don’t give up until they’re satisfied, regardless of the consequences to themselves. The series gets better with each story and I hope it will continue.

Aoife McMahon, as always, delivers a stellar performance giving each character an individual and distinct voice, bringing them all to life.

Although the book is available here in audio format, it’s not yet available in kindle or paperback on Amazon UK or US, only Amazon Australia.

About the Author

Internationally bestselling and critically acclaimed writer Dervla McTiernan is the author of The Ruin, her crime debut set in Ireland. The Ruin is the first in the detective Cormac Reilly series and has been published in the United States, the UK and Ireland and in New Zealand and Australia, where it was a top ten bestseller. It has been named as one of Lit Hub’s Most Anticipated Crime Mystery and Thrillers of 2018 and an Amazon Best Book of July 2018. Dervla was a New Blood Panellist at Harrogate Festival.

Dervla spent twelve years working as a lawyer. Following the global financial crisis, she moved to Australia and turned her hand to writing. An avid fan of crime and detective novels from childhood, Dervla wrote a short story, The Roommate, which was shortlisted for the Sisters in Crime Scarlet Stiletto Competition. She went on to write The Ruin, which is followed by The Scholar. The Ruin has been optioned for TV by Hopscotch. Dervla is a member of the Sisters in Crime and Crime Writers Association, and lives in Perth, Australia, with her husband and two children.

Author links ~ Twitter | Website | Facebook

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