Lacock, Historic Village in Wiltshire

The village is mentioned in the Doomsday Book and has been used as a film set for, amongst others, Cranford, Pride and Prejudice and a couple of the Harry Potter films. The older houses in the village date from the 18th century.

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Poppies at the Tower

Commemorating the centenary and paying tribute to British and Commonwealth soldiers killed in the First World War, ceramic poppies are ‘planted’ at the Tower of London, each poppy representing a fallen soldier. It’s a fabulous and moving sight.







Sherborne Abbey, Dorset

We visited here again today. The Abbey was founded in the year 705 AD by Aldhelm, the then Abbot of Malmesbury IMG_2017and is a gloriously Gothic structure which has been added on to over the years. In it’s lifetime it’s been a Saxon Cathedral, a Benedictine Abbey and now is a Parish Church. The Abbey as it is today was mostly the work of an Abbot named Ramsam (1475-1504)

I don’t think you have to be a ‘religious’ person (I’m not) to appreciate such buildings, it’s an amazing feat of architecture that can just be admired as such.

Simon Jenkins, who wrote a book about England’s greatest churches said he would…

pit Sherborne’s roof against any contemporary work of the Italian Renaissance

The vaulted ceiling is incredibly intricate and the stained glass is beautiful…

IMG_2021  IMG_2020

This is a view of the main altar and the detail on the stonework

IMG_2018   IMG_2019

A further away view of the altar and the unbelievable organ

IMG_2015   IMG_2023

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Glastonbury Abbey

Glastonbury Abbey, the place where, if legend is to be believed, King Arthur is buried.

The other well-known legend is that of Joseph of Arimathea coming to the Abbey bearing the Holy Grail. 


The Glastonbury Thorn said to have taken root from Joseph’s staff.


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